I think I’ve been telling other developers for over 15 years: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Why didn’t I keep it simple when creating this new Django version of that old PHP application?

Why did I need to put in, relational backbone collections (that were never used), async task running with celery/rabbitmq (scaled over several workers), country relations to a table containing all the countries in the world (where in fact, only 3 or 4 were used), extends on a base user model for engineers that “one day might want to log in”, a whole lot of unnecessary js libs, features that nobody uses, models that got stored but never displayed, and the list goes on.

Now, while refactoring the backend, a git commit saying -1927 lines of code is not uncommon. On the contrary, lots and lots can just be removed.

This ofcourse, is great, I like removing things. But oh boy. Boy oh boy.

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