Famous for Macaroons, Almost Famous for Cosmetics?

Ladurée, french pastry house, launches Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE cosmetics.

Ladies and Gentleman, you may now have your macaroons and eat them, too. Yes, you heard me LADURÉE Bakery, the legendary patisserie famous for their “too pretty to eat pastel macaroons,” has launched its own cosmetics line-only available in Paris, Japan, and Asia. The patisserie, founded in 1862, has extended a connection to the sophisticated spirit of the Parisian women through the Les Merveilleuses line of cosmetics.

The Les Merveilleuses represents the “marvelous goddess of liberty’ and the post revolutionary Parisian woman who wants to self-express by wearing her sophistication aesthetically. Traditionally, the means by which a woman could give self expression is through her face — hence the great emphasis on the blush line. The cosmetic line prides itself on giving women a beautiful product that is appealing to her emotions and her senses. It is meant to be worn, admired by others, and foster rich self-expression.

Laduree’s signiture blush made of rose petals

So let’s get back to the chase here, I know many of you have been taken by surprise that LADURÉE launched a cosmetic line, and most likely you are not alone. I believe we need to take a closer look at the cosmetic line and its social media footprint and overall consumer presence to get a better idea of what kind of attention the cosmetic line is receiving and from exactly what channels.

Here are a couple of key points of consideration:

  • Primarily marketed and sold to Asian market
  • Launched in January 2012
  • No mass promotion
  • Proactive in social media, Facebook, organic YouTube videos
  • LADURÉE bakery shops do not sell the cosmetic line
  • Products are sold separately by unit ($60–$130)

So as we know, in order to reach your target market you must be seen! The question is, how does one get noticed? The first step is to create content. And how you do you know your that your content is appeals to the right people, at the right time? The answer is to create a footprint and have it stand out against other cosmetic companies in the industry. Forging a valuable digital experience if vital, especially in the women’s cosmetic sector where women need to feel involved, heard and seen.

Here is my observation of LADURÉE cosmetic from a social media standpoint:

  • 64.1 Follewers on Instagram- substantial
  • Average “likes” around 2,000
  • Very little brand promotion through the official LADURÉE brand
  • Almost no organic content, mostly professional and some curated
  • Official Instagram accounts: Lm_Laduree, Lm_laduree_hk ( target specific content)
  • Official Facebook accounts: Merveilleuses Ladurée — HK and Les Merveilleuses Ladurée — Taiwan
  • No LinkedIn, organicYouTube videos or tutorials from consumers (Asain market)
  • No YouTube Channels for tutorials or brand knowledge

In order to gain a closer perspective on the brands social media presence I compared it’s content to that of Benefit Cosmetics. I compared the two because they were similiar in style, cost, and potential market. I learned quickly that Benefit had a lot more organic material, such as women from different ethnicities and ages actually wearing the make up, which makes sense. Additionally, I noticed that Benefit has over 14 YouTube channels dedicated to educating their consumers on different products and applications along with a strong message to women about empowerment and self-worth.

These YouTube videos posted by Benefit are broken down by countries,and are spoken in diferrent languages, showcasing their products on women of all ethnicities, shapes, and sizes. This brings me to another point that content should be customised to fit the country that they are marketing to. For example, Les Merveilleusues, should have content posted to its social media platforms specific to Asia, in addition to having the concentrated Facebook groups.


In conclusion, Les Merveilleuses has “put their foot down” around social media, but they have not made a “footprint” yet. The brand is unique, and it is important that the persona and content is not only representing luxury cosmetics, but represents Ladurée. It is clear from a social media standpoint that the company hasn’t had the confidence to combine their content between the bakery and the cosmetics. I know this was their intent, however, I would love to see Les Merveilleuses their parent brand as leverage to support Les Merveilleuses and help them to expend beyond Asia, Japan, and France. I know expansion for this brand is in the near future, so I hope the brand will become more confident and less traditional.. which is difficult for a company who has been around since 1862.

❤ RJ

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