La Crema Wine, the “Crème de la Crème” of Social Media

A Closer Look at Social Media Content from the Wine Industry

Are wine companies around the world willing to engage on social media to enhance customer engagement, increase sales, and to communicate to their thirsty crowds? The answer is YES, however, some wineries have gotten ahead of the curve on grasping what it really takes to get “likes” in the industry.

La Crema has always been a wine known for it sleek bottle and crisp representation, however, it it doing something a little “extra” when it comes to attracting their customers from a virtual standpoint.

The wine industry, like the luxury industry, struggles to display their pride and joy on social media in the fashion that wont jeapardized authenticity and the overall control of their content. It is important that the wine industry’s online experience and social media presence mirrors what the customer should expect when stepping into their vineyards and winery. I believe that La Crema has done a good job at providing this experience, but the questions is how?

La Crema is based out of the Russian River Valley Valley and Sonoma Country, California, and specializing in small cool-batch Chardonnays and Pinot Noir. Their target market is the young, sophisticated, wine drinker who enjoys entertaining over a home cooked meal and who also is very invovled in their communities. La Crema clearly appeals to their target market as shown by their social media content. Some examples of La Crema’s social media post include: recipe pairing, community events, LGBT support and celebrations, upcoming wine events, progress of their tasting bars, suggestions on how to celebrate each holiday with La Crème wines, access to their blog story on how they harvest their grapes, and an overall virtual scrapbook of their various happenings.

Just by looking at this content, La Crema has inspired me to curl my hair, put on a flowery dress, and throw a dinner party with endless bottles of La Crema! Their engaging content, along with their quick responses to customers who post comments on their social media, proves that La Crema is a REAL brand that is connecting with REAL people behind the screen. I can sign up for their events through their social media platforms, speak to the makers behind the wine, and even review their visitor post which creates a sense of transparency and trust between La Crema and I.

Another way La Crema has reached the hearts, or should I say opinions, of their consumers, is through the Virtual Vinter website they launched in 2014. This interactive digital experience allows consumers to “ choose their own adventure” in a style wine making journey. In the 11 Virtual Vinter stages provided, there is always opportunity for social sharing through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, especially since account registration on one of these platforms is mandatory. You can see that by allowing their customers to be part of this journey and decision-making process, the consumer has become a part of their world.

So what do you think?

To give you a better idea of how La Crema does an excellent job, we will look at another wine company, which has similar beginnings and a crowd of thirsty fans.Robert Mondavi is based out of Napa Valley and its Meditterian-style, offering a variety of wines from Cabernet Sauvignon to Fume Blanc. The content offered to the consumer on their social media platforms is unappealing. The pages are full of “sporadic” engagement and photos of the land, the viewer may be confused as what message the brand is actually trying to portray. It’s fairy confusing as they post concerts, magazine covers, auctions, repetitive landscape photos, followed by the same family and executive faces holding bottles of wine. Their social media presence does exist, but there is not a true target audience being addressed, nor a presence in the community. This wine has no life other than a shelf-life!

I believe the road to social media engagement is something that is an unfolding journey and companies need to understand and study the consumers behind their brands to tailor their message to portray a desired lifestyle, and draw the consumer in. Most of us want to drink a wine that represents who we want to be and the world as we want to see it. I choose La Crema for this very reason: I am the young, sophisticated woman who is enjoying a glass of their wine around an elegant dinner setting with my closest of friends. What about you?


This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own