She Smiles When She Blushes..

NYC’s “it” girl, #IheartLM

Meet Audrey Bancroft.

She is lovely. She drinks her tea with a dash of milk and always finds beauty if the world around her. She is delicate in nature, but strong to the core. She doesn’t let others take advantage of her sweetness, she is powerful. She speaks her mind because she learned at a young age that the mind dictates where the heart goes. She calls NYC home, but she spent most of her years traveling with her mother to Europe, where she grew an appreciation for museums, literature, and attention to detail. She is proud of her roots in the big apple but doesn’t confine to the toughness and hustle and bustle of the city. She is like a wildflower, glowing gallantly in the middle of chaos. She enjoys the cold weather and finds warmth in others, in her favorite café, and at the theater close to her home.

She is the daughter of a Liza Vanderwall, NYC heiress, and Benjamin Defiance, a well known physician. Her mother raised her to be culturally astute and her father gives her the strength to overcome any obstacle. She lives in the upper east side of Manhattan, but she doesn’t fit the stearotype. She is well off, but she is grounded. She doesn’t like to gossip or to spend her money frivolously. When she makes a purchase, it is intrinsically driven. She wonders what it would be like to have siblings, to own her own car, and to road trip to California. She is a senior at Brown University and spends her summers at home, getting lost as much as possible. She indulges in fashion magazines and enjoys keeping up with trends. She is the perfect balance of whimsical and reasonable, with a touch of unpredictable. She secretly wants to be a writer, staying up late scribbling stories in her journal.

She fancy’s traveling, and she loves to join her mother in Paris for holidays. She learned quickly that she doesn’t have to make adjustments to make heself feel at home, she just fits in there. She believes that a good pastry and alone time can uplift your soul. She falls in and out of love quickly, but remembers the turmoil and heartbreak of her first and only true love. She wears her heart on her sleeve as a reminder that she will only attract what is meant to be. She is friends with everyone, but could easily be considered a drifter. She drinks café cortado in the mornings and tea-infused gin at night. For the most part, her friends are multi-cultural and diverse, only a few are fellow classmates from Brown. She enjoys spending the evenings with her friends in cozy bars with live jazz bands talking about her plans for to travel the world.

Audrey is the antithesis of boring. She is educated, cultured, delicate, and audacious all at once, which is why she starts every morning contemplating the perfect shade. She spends every morning deciphering which shade of Les Merveilleuses de Laduree cheek color to wear, because it’s that important to her. She chooses a blush that represents the way she feels and what she wants to accomplish. She feels like blush is the perfect tool of self-expression because it frames her smile, accents her clothing, and allows her to increase or decrease the intensity of the pigmentation- it’s an accessory to her feelings. Audrey believes that each day starts with a choice, and today she chooses to be peachy.

Audrey’s life be like…

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This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my owns and reflect my personal point of view.