Alan Kay on How Many Books You Can Read in a Lifetime
Charles Chu

Great writeup! Love your idea of setting an high standard. I have a small curated library of nonfiction, around 1500 books and my humbler goal is to go through it all.

I can only dedicate half an hour to my reading, usually at bedtime, until exhaustion shuts me down.

Well of course if I needed to do the math right I’d need to add the 3–4 hours of articles I read for my work, not books but still knowledge (of varying relevance and quality).

The only thing I mildly disagree with though is the need of setting a metric. Is the number of books really imporant? Of course not.

It’s like the consumerist tourists I sometimes meet: “This year I’ve done Europe and South Africa” :-) And if you had time to listen to what they know about the places and people they’ve seen, you’d probably be disappointed.

I think that the real value of reading or traveling or any other qyest for knowledge, is how much you can make it your own and change and how much of that internal change impacts the world around you.

Keep up the reading and good writing Sir!

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