What educators must learn from IBM’s ‘betrayal of science’
Junaid Mubeen

Hi Junaid,

I am a medical doctor but graduated a long time ago with a thesis on expert systems. I currently work for a large company which makes a lot of its communication strategy around “artificial” or “augmented” intelligence.

Since at my ripe age and after reading and studying for almost half a century I have become acutely sensitive to the power of words, I’ve always struggled to find a better way to talk about the subject and your article maybe triggered the right thought.

As of today I’ll start calling AI “Automated Intelligence”.

I think this term will sterilize the conscious and unconscious Anthropomorphizations that engender so many expectations and confusion.

I want people to mentally hear the clickety clics of cogs and wheels and remember that the current capabilities are more similar to an “idiot savant” than to a genius!

Thanks for your writeup