Click or Comment

A stranger made my day today. He recommended my story on this site. And I couldn’t be happier. I am new to Medium, but I published some of my previous blogs when I started on this site to build a little content for my little corner of Medium. It was about my wavering religious feelings. You can read it here, if you are so inclined.

As a writer, I want to share my thoughts with the world. Sometimes, people agree with me. My friends,family, and acquaintances read my work and often praise me for it — usually because they might agree with the sentiment or because they want to support me.

Sometimes, people disagree with me. I actually love when people disagree with me more than when they agree with me. Writing logically, it’s frequently comical to see someone try and point out fallacies in my argument. Occasionally, someone will provide support for a viewpoint that I am opposed to, and increases my understanding of the topic we are discussing. Mostly, I just love dishing out online justice to internet trolls.

With that being said, a majority of my interaction from people online reacting to things I have written are people that know me in real life. I appreciate all of them for taking the time to read and comment on my words. However, what excites me as a writer is when a complete stranger, either appreciates or has aversion to what I have written, and feels the need to share those feelings with me through a comment or a click.

So, if you find yourself reading this, feel free to click or comment, even if you are reading it because you feel morally obliged to do so due to being related to me, being friends with me, being another writer who’s words I often comment on, or any other reason.

But, if you don’t know me, I especially want to you click or comment. You are who I crave the most. I need your validation, even if it’s to let me know how uncomfortable that last sentence made you feel inside.