I don’t get some of your sentiments here; I live in the US, and it’s rare to find someone who…
John Stephen Walsh

I don’t think Caitlin was suggesting that all Non-Americans are de facto better informed that Americans. I believe she was suggesting that they have better opportunities to be better informed than Americans.

This is because when starts looking at the American system it is highly designed to keep the population ignorant of most of the important information. Noam Chomsky is well known for showing how America’s 4th estate, despite appearing to hold government accountable, is actually an extremely powerful tool of keeping Americans in the dark. [Manufacturing Consent makes it all very clear.]

While foreign media outlets have more, albeit decreasingly so, freedom to write about topics that never show up in the American press.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that non-Americans read these sources or that some Americans don’t seek out international media sources but it means that if you live outside the US the possibility of living outside America’s propaganda ecosystem is increased.

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