Scene 3 remake

After all the late nights because I was procrastinating and sometimes just because I had no time at all, I finally got one done early. I did’t upload it because with the last few projects I just felt something was missing. I ended up not being able to go back to this one because of family issues, thesis surprises, and life being thrown into my face like pies at a carnival, but all in all, I feel like this is the best one. Our instructions were to recreate the scene without knowing what it was. We didn’t have to worry about the number of pictures this time which was great. I ended up listening to the audio until I remembered it and recreating it off memory. I tried to add the small details that I was told to focus on and I think it came out good. I do hate that you can see the blood pack I used, but it was too late when I noticed it. I should’ve used more pans and zooms in the program now that I think about it and it’s too late. I may try again over the summer in between projects I have scheduled. Give me a critique…

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