Video Ideas

So we met as a group last Friday at 1 pm. The meeting in my idea was pointless, but it turned out to be helpful to some. Our song is Grinding by Eric Jamal. I found and talked to him about what he wanted before the meeting and we got some ideas. In his mind he would like to be in the video and it be very similar to a “normal” music video, but the group had decided not to put him in it at first. I think that’s weird considering the music, but it is do-able. However, we are not doing that. We have decided to work alongside one another while having each team still responsible for their own section. The song is nearly 4 minutes long and with 3 groups, each group is roughly responsible for 1 minute 20 seconds. All together it is nearly 9,000 photos making each group take roughly 3,000 photos each. I am half of the second group and I’m envisioning a way to embody the song’s lyrics. The song is a message from the artist to the youth telling them to choose an alternate path from a life of the street corner. I plan on showing this by having the artist perform the song on a time lapse if that is acceptable. By performing the song this way first we should build a great reference for the rest of our segment. In addition to this I would prefer if we also found a way to portray the artist as if he is living the lifestyle he is saying not to in order to reveal that he isn’t later in the story. I would like to take some suggestions from the other groups in our team and incorporate them into this section as well. A great suggestion made by group-mates were to include others in the video. I would want to include others in small interactions as well as characters that help guide the story. It would be difficult with only 3 people and 1 per section. Dam near impossible, but with different angles and lighting I believe we could do it. Or it could crash and burn, then we change ideas and throw something together at the end. Let’s hope for the first. I’m halfway through this blog post and still wondering why we need to write an essay here, but if it helps. I also just reread the assignment and screw that whole piece I just typed. Look this is what’s happening Eric Jamal in my portion of the song will perform the song on time lapse as if it were a normal music video. Yes we will miss some things, but in post we can slow it to the song’s length and get a foundation. Next we will highlight emotional and impactful points in each section and redo them without missing a frame, being as detailed as possible to create a smooth motion. Considering the max is 9,000 photos the really smooth parts will make up for some parts that won’t be as smooth. Along with this, since the sky is the limit, we would stretch some of those not as detailed parts to create a slow motion affect. Hopefully we will shoot at a busy enough time to have people walking in frame. The people will change because we will not ask them, but they are extras and background characters so they will be less noticeable. 2 people will be used and repeated, 1 will shake hands with Jamal and 1 will look to have ill intent for Jamal. This would be 1 to display the lifestyle that Jamal is warning against, but allowing for the reveal of the true lifestyle to be even bigger. Jamal is saying avoid the “street life” and be one with yourself and making the best of every situation. Through showing the “street life” we would achieve making the piece more relatable, while as the change or reveal in the end would show the true meaning behind Grinding. Which is to prosper through life and not throw it away

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