Selling Made Simple!

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To sell successfully you must believe in the product or service that you are selling. Sales is all about how people think, speak, feel and how they engage with you.

When you have a product or service to sell you have to believe it has value and worth for the person you are selling to. If you don’t believe that they should buy it why would they?

Selling made simple


  • Listen to the pain points that your potential customer is feeling. You can then determine how your product or service can provide the solution they are looking for.
  • Listen to the tone of their voice. Tone will give you insight into how you need to approach your sale. A terse tone would indicate little patience with a sales approach that doesn’t immediately engage the potential customer.
  • Use tone when you talk to them that either reflects the customer if they are positive or reassures the customer if they are negative or skeptical.


  • Stay ahead of industry change, competition and trends to be able to position your product or service’s unique value proposition.
  • Behave like a startup. Be agile and innovative in how you look at positioning and presenting your product or service. The market is ever changing and you need to be too.
  • Find what compliments your product or service offering and collaborate, merge or acquire business that strengthens your own.


  • What is your potential clients body language saying?
  • How a person responds to you is a strong indicator if you have trust, rapport and receptiveness to what you are proposing.
  • Where is their line of sight? Positioning your product or promotion where they are focused makes it obvious and can result in impulse sales.


  • Love what you are selling. If you love what you are doing your enthusiasm and passion will shine through and your potential client will find it harder to say no.
  • Use the product or service that you are selling so you can become a natural advocate for what value it offers and talk with authority.
  • Share experience you and other customers have had using the product or services you are selling to help your customer grasp how they would benefit by buying them.
  • Trials, demonstrations, free offers and interactive experiences lets your customer love your product or service before buying it.


  • Align your product or service with another business’ product or service to create a package that mutually strengthens your offering or is a value add that sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Value add to your product or service to make what you are offering more competitive.
  • What makes your product or service different from your competitors?

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