The Coming Storm: An Open Letter To The Rest Of The Planet

I wanted to write this to all of you while I am still able.

You all might have heard of us once. We are the people that inhabit a land formerly known as the United States of America. None of us really knows what we are now, but one thing is clear. We are not that other country any longer. Remember the words from Emma Lazarus emblazoned at the foot of a gigantic statue on the East coast of that country? It said, “…”Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” None of that is true any more and if anything, with the new fascist DT regime, the exact opposite is true. So don’t do any of those things. The current illegitimate Russian-compromised government of this land no longer wants any of those people and is actively trying to eject and send back the ones already here, who came during happier times.

Those days are over. This is not a land of opportunity beyond what you have at home and for many of you, several degrees less, unless the opportunity is to be jailed under false pretense. Then again, you can find that in many places globally; any good tin-pot banana republic dictatorship will do. Don’t look to us any longer as a shining example of anything, except that any country can be eroded within by fascism if it gains root. Don’t look to the country for help of any sort. Most of us here would like to help and still think of you in friendly terms, but we are currently buried under an avalanche of human shit and it will take us some time to dig out. The government will not help you, other than to possibly lob bombs at you. If you are not white, they hate you on sight. Automatically. It may take us bloodshed, but certainly it will definitely take a lot of work and the land, whatever it ultimately is at the end, won’t be the same when it’s over. It may not even be a country, but several, like Europe or Africa or similar large landmasses. Don’t look to us to lead the world, either. Those days are also done.

Instead, look to yourselves. You don’t need us and never did. All it takes is you, if you want to improve your lives and your country. Be the change you want to see instead of coming to a place where people have already put in the work to get it there. Mourn for us, as we mourn for ourselves, if you must, but when you’re done, take it as an opportunity to elevate wherever you are, whoever you are. The former USA was not borne out of whole cloth, complete and a paradise. No, it took a great deal of hard work and hard times and it was not without several degrees of infamy to its own people. That it was considered so highly despite all that should tell you something, not about the country itself, but about the ideals the drove the people to fight and struggle and keep going. Those are universal. Use this as a rallying point to bring the world closer together, something the USA also failed to do. It is among many of our deepest regrets that we were not a better neighbor to you all and hopefully, once the dust has fallen and smoke cleared, we will be able to start.

Don’t trust the government of whatever this country calls itself, as long as DT or any of his staff are still in place at power. Its head is a liar who is staffing the rest of it with predominantly liars as well. This government is like the drug-addled obnoxious drunkard at the party and with the arsenal at disposal, is incredibly dangerous. This can’t be overstated enough. Protect yourselves at all costs. You probably will have to intervene. When you do, be benevolent to the people. Don’t hate us because we made a big dumb stupid colossal mistake and didn’t save our republic while we still could, even after we watched our other leaders fail the people and Constitution they were sworn to protect. Despite our failing in that regard, the vast majority of the citizen population here do not support the childish loon at the head of the government and more and more daily are joining the fight to resist. All of them can be of help to you if you are forced to intercede. The odds are decreasing that we will be able to take back the government or the country, so play the odds and consider it compromised and probably hostile. Be wary. Don’t be fooled or lulled by false promises and latitudes coming from one of our many governmental forked tongues. That government can still literally break the planet and destroy most of the life on it, even aside from the climate change issue, which it is also up to you now to fix.

We did not collectively learn from history and the many examples globally. Don’t make the same mistake as we did. The mighty giant has fallen and broken to pieces. No one is immune. Treat each other better. Each generation should be successively less ignorant and try to elevate all of the people. Make it happen. This planet is more than capable of sustaining all life on it without also toxifying major portions of it. As global citizens, we need not live in a constant state of hostility. You are all the heroes now on the hero’s journey and it is up to you all. Best wishes you are more successful than we were.