The Coming Storm: More Fallout

Early detection saves lives. We’ve heard this repeatedly about things like cancer screenings. Detection is key for something cannot be fixed if one is unaware it is either broken or breaking. This also applies to fascism. Hitler could have been stopped in any number of ways when he was in his “feeler” phase of continuing overt after overt moves and daring the world to stop him, either through enforcing the Treaty of Versailles through force or other means. The world, weary of war, perhaps, failed to do this and while he eventually lost in the end, just as DT and his wicked regime surely will, a lot of innocent people died in the process. We are at the front of DT’s incoming fascism and unless it is curbed relatively soon, just as with Hitler, the seeming success of DT’s increasingly audacious moves will continue to embolden him. Once he consolidates power, it becomes then a fight for your life. If you are a fan of zombie apocalypse games and movies and always wanted to live in one, you will get your chance as it will be very similar in tone. It only gets worse from here. That sentence is our now daily mantra.

This means rest in general and sleep specifically will be in very short supply. Nowhere will be safe. Money will be worthless without a foundation, a standard. Other countries will react and most of them very negatively. Germany, ironically, has already begun this process. Expect the UK to join them soon. For those of you observing this is not a direct parallel with Nazi Germany, this is true. That country had around 65 million people in the mid 1930’s, roughly the number who voted for Hillary in this last election. The country DT has usurped currently has somewhere on the order of 320 million people. This will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to end rebellion entirely, so efforts will be made to quell it through things like checkpoints, monitoring public dissidents, limiting or eliminating flight, possibly water and electrical rationing, fuel price increases, etc. Make no mistake, though. We are getting fascism whether we want it or not.

Your Congress, your government right now is ignoring you, whether you supported them or not or whether you were stupid enough to actually vote them in. The switchboard is off. The rallies are being poo-pooed and in some cases, there is actively floated legislation barring them. Representatives are literally ignoring any and all messages not counter to their thoughts, beliefs and speaking points. Right now. As I type and as you read this. When everyone was cheering the pipeline through North Dakota, I didn’t. Instead, I observed that all it would take was an Executive Action by DT — and there will be plenty of those, perhaps exclusively those for his entire reign of terror — for it to be back on again. Let me make this as clear as I possibly can: DT doesn’t give a fuck about you and never did. The GOP doesn’t give a fuck about you, either. They feel empowered now, by DT’s rise, such as in North Carolina and South Dakota, for overt measures directly counter to the will of the people. They don’t care about your wishes. If you want them to start, you need to make them care.

This is not how it was supposed to be, right? But it was always that way for people of color and women and still is. Those groups had to fight tooth and claw to even be treated as human. They made an uncaring government listen and made an uncaring government care. Did they have help? Absolutely, but it is to them we should really be looking to organize that. Most of the rest of us have never been in that position where we had to do that, where we had no other choice. For many of them, they knew no other way. That was their normal and damn sure they don’t want to go back to it again.

A group occupied Jeff Sessions office until removed. That is a good start, but there needs to be more. Let’s spitball for a second. Maybe occupy all of them and all of the state Capitols, for example. If they won’t pay attention, then we can choose a page from the bicyclists and make a critical mass that can’t be ignored. This very thing is why there was once a country called the United States of America. Because the rich and powerful in England didn’t listen and didn’t care. Now we have the rich and powerful doing the same thing here. Are you going to sit back and take it? This is soul-searching gut check time for everyone. Do you want to be a serf? A peasant? How much does preserving our present way of life matter to you? Dan Rather tweeted recently that we are in extreme circumstances and those call for extreme measures. Maybe if this nice shit we’re trying now isn’t working to bring our elected assholes to their senses, maybe it will just have to get sticky. I’m not saying that has to happen, but I am saying we should all be prepared because let’s be honest here…if that shit jumps off, it’s going bigtime.

And on that, why are we playing nice, anyway? They seeded a whole bunch of the protest area with rat poison and are trying to eliminate dissent either through legal or extra legal means. Tell me again you sanctimonious hypocrite lying fuck GOP scumbags again about the sanctity of life. I don’t think I could hear it over all the screams of pain of those in their death throes by you. If you’re having a pillow fight with someone and they’re using a baseball bat, you’re probably in the wrong game.

All of the rich representatives are treating you like a peon, a little tiny pissant who means nothing. People like McCain, Graham and Rubio might talk a mean game, but when it comes down to serving their masters or serving the people, just look at the record of what all of them did, without exception. They’re not your friends, you have no friends in the GOP and guess what. Not only do they not care about you, but they’re lying right to your face and saying it’s your will, it’s the will of the former America, the will of the people. Is it? Do they speak for you? Do you care about the truth? How about children? The lesson they’re seeing right now is literally that the truth doesn’t matter.

We are seeing the ugliest instincts of the GOP and their controlling rich overlords at work right now, in a carpet bombing of enough junk that the collective efforts of the ACLU and the handful of Democrats still fighting can’t possibly hope to stop, plowing over you and your hard fought rights with a bulldozer. The steamroller is coming next. There are over 320 million people here. They are few; we are many. It would be wrong of me to say to shut it all down so I won’t but I will note that it is going to happen anyway with DT. Commerce cannot thrive in that kind of hostile environment that he is creating. The world will not trade with someone like us. If all of the money keeps being funneled upstairs, guess who doesn’t have any to spend? Most of the citizens of the former America. Most of them are already living right on the balance as it is, paycheck to paycheck. So when the paychecks dry up, as they inevitably will, then what?

We’re running out of time. We need to spread the word. Fascism has come to our shores and if we want to save anything, including our lives, we need to resist. The Coming Storm series is meant as companion pieces and Twitter doesn’t get that great of penetration nationwide, as in more people don’t have it or use it than do. I put those on a website for that reason. Read and distribute all of them or whichever you agree with. Send the URL. Print them off and mail them. Whatever it takes, just get the word out and get it as far and wide as you can, preferably around the world. The pieces are there to help spread information about the coming threat and to prepare and especially to activate.

Are you a patriot or not? Don’t look at party affiliation. Parties can’t be relied on. The GOP is a party rife with corruption that wants to keep the majority of the electorate, including their party members, poor. They want to decide how much you should make. Is that ok with you? Ask yourself a hard question, like are you Republican or GOP. There is a massive gulf between them. And the Democrats…oh boy. Mira Gonzalez had the best analogy here. It goes “it’s like Democrats and Republicans were playing a board game, then the Republicans were like “fuck it” and lit the house on fire, meanwhile the Democrats are just sitting in the house trying to win the board game.” This is completely on the money. Listen to what the Democratic reps say about DT. It’s not oppose everything, it’s more like bullshit Neville Chamberlain appeasement “let’s here the dumb fuck out” shit, meanwhile he executive orders everything into ashes. If you talk to the party Chairman, tons of them are “wait and see” also. The Democratic narrative is either that they believe in America or like HRC, have faith in America. Well I got news, fuckers. You (and Obama) let America die. It is gone. So now what?

I will tell you this. We have an appalling short amount of time to put the brakes on this and right the ship before we follow the Titanic to the bottom. It will take extraordinary measures either way and maybe we break the country, but if we don’t act, it will be broken anyway by DT and in his way, lots of people die needlessly and senselessly. We can accept that things will never be the same and work to be an phoenix rising from the ashes or like the people of Berlin in the mid 1940’s and crawl from the rubble. The choice is still ours…for now.

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