The Coming Storm: The Acorn Is Spinning

While the DT death spiral is taken by some to be a positive, it is well worth remembering what happens when people, particularly if unhinged to begin with, get cornered and boxed in, the same position, incidentally that the DT regime is attempting to force the various immigrants here on our hallowed grounds. Yes, there is the fascist’s end of Mussolini, but if you remember Hitler, when the walls were closing around him in Berlin, his final order to his remaining armed forces, belayed indefinitely and not reaching most of the troops, was one of immolation, of burning Germany to the ground, of razing the country entirely because they had failed Hitler and were accordingly not worthy, which is perhaps the easiest parallel to DT.

The agenda, the direction, not by DT, who is incapable of such things, but by someone, maybe Putin, maybe China via Putin, maybe Bannon, perhaps some nefarious combination of them all, is the creation of an American dictatorship. This would be greatly enabled and indeed, is perhaps not possible at all, without some special forces loyal only to DT. He already has his curious custom personal security force, but those are insufficient in number, particularly when he does not have anywhere near the popularity. The armed forces and particularly IC do not seem willing to go along with the okey doke. LE, in general, seems largely unchanged, in that certain sectors are ready to fall all over themselves to edge towards a police state in which they can conduct their power abuses unchecked and certain sectors are doing their absolute level best to live up to the great trust the citizens place in them.

Without any of those, it then falls to find an agency that 1) is receptive to answering strictly and solely to DT and 2) has arrest powers. We have seen both ICE and CBP deplorably explore their expanding roles with a sickening gusto, giving the to the various regime pronouncements that they only are seeking criminals…in case anyone was considering taking their word at face value…that these forces are doing that and are looking to be expanded probably means this will be that particular army answering only to DT and their powers expanded. Watching what happens in the coming days with the various EOs and this department will be very telling. The GOP has already indicated they intend to stay in lock-goose-step with the Fuhrer, so expect no help from them…until things are probably too far gone.

DT also appears intent on trying to place the race card with Obama again, in this case, trying to play heavily to the conspiracy crowd. His popularity is sinking to near untenable depths and if that is not improved, even if they want to hurry their timeline (probably part of the reason Bannon went with the Florida this past weekend), without that, they are ultimately sunk. When you have a head rat leading a party of rats, survival when marching directly into the spinning blades of a political lawnmower will take immediate precedence and some rats are going to be sacrificed, though it is clear the GOP is willing to also go along with this as well…at least for now. So, blame Obama for tapping Trump Tower, rile up the idiots that make up the followers of the various sites, who frankly are not interested in whether or not it’s actually true, then as soon as is practicable, arrest him, ostensibly to bring him in for questioning. If this happens, it will probably have the intended effect of provoking “the blacks” that both he and Bannon have mentioned periodically as an agenda item and we then have another civil war on our hands.

Obama’s in a tricky spot. He could immediately file a suit for libel, then any such DT actions look like a retaliatory abuse of power, but that doesn’t seem to fit Obama’s character. If he does nothing, he runs the risk of being used as an unwilling pawn to the destruction of the country. He chose not to listen to my advice in these pages before, but I hope he will do so now and keep a careful eye for a potential arrest and or “rogue”/mentally ill DT supporter, now that they are once again able to obtain firearms. Remember that DT is getting increasingly desperate and this would be a version of the Reichstag fire, amped up to a unbelievably sordid level.

The actual arresting agency, should the DT regime try to angle that way, is in question now. Without expanding the powers of the two odious entities I mentioned, that leaves Secret Service (nonstarter) and the US Marshal Service. It will probably be the latter, as they shit the bed all over the place during the EO Muslim ban debacle and none of the other agencies appear to have the requisite loyalty — or arrest powers — to the current would-be Fuhrer. We live in extraordinarily dangerous times and every piece that has come before this has painted the same story. It is a very delicate, delicate wire we tread, thinner than the finest piece of spider silk ever spun. One misstep and it is the end of this country. Continuing events should have demonstrated that amply.

Even if it seems DT is operating in chaos, there is direction. It is still not clear the driving source (China, Russia, Bannon or combination), but there is no mistake the State Department, among others, is not staffed, which effectively ends diplomatic solutions. Any crisis and that leaves one department staffed enough to do it, which is also the one DT wants to sink further funds into. The Dept. of Education and the EPA have bills on slate right now to eliminate both agencies. Completely. One may assume the states will pick up the slack, at least on the Dept. of Education side, but with the EPA gone, we’re back to the polluted times of a few decades back from which we’re still recovering. It also further throws the planet into increased jeopardy on the climate change front.

All of this is intentional and what the DT regime is wanting to do is have the various departmental agencies fill vacancies internally or absorb functions, with no oversight, public or otherwise. This is also strongly suggestive of the Nazi Germany state. Again, the GOP will sign off on this and if this waits long enough, possibly the public will also because it will be a state of induced desperation by that point. If the 70’s were an age of disaster films, such as burning tower buildings, various natural disasters, numerous airplane or airport incidences, et. al., the current age is one of disaster films by way of breakouts. We have the obligatory zombie chic, of course, but there is also the pandemics loosely or not at all related to that particular sub-genre of loosely possible horror films. An outbreak, given the increasing foothold of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, must be on everyone’s minds and the one universal there is a rapid response if there is to be any sort of saving grace. This would be the CDC and guess which department also has vacancies, not even attempted to be filled.

This will be probably spun by DT as the Democrats not wanting to fill the positions because it’s sour grapes and just because it’s coming from DT, not because when he has floated nominees, they’ve been garbage, of the most puerile pieces of human shit there is to offer…when DT has put any forth. It is more palatable to the public for the transparency to vanish entirely once it gets to that point…at least that’s the operative idea. Distraction, deflection, distortion and duplicity are the stock in trade of this regime and one of these (if not more) elements is put out daily by them. Daily. Not only has the nation never seen this kind of disingenuous behavior, if it goes on much longer, in short order, this will be competitive on a world scale. While that is going on, there is another effort to either remove or drive out any actual competent parties from the existing departments, particularly if staff is from prior administrations and often solely for that reason.

So, what I say to all of this is to keep your eyes on the ball. Nobody in their right mind, including this writer, wants to see or be a part of a civil war and probably no one in it the first time who was also in their right mind wanted one, either. War has a dirty habit of coming to people who don’t want it, so prepare. At this point, you cannot reach the fools following DT, who are incapable of logic or clarity of thinking, who are polluted thoroughly by hate to the point where they are trying to provoke it now, at rallies and elsewhere. Do not engage them, but instead keep an eye on them, as you would any potential attacker. The real end has to be a convicted end to the DT regime, all associates and the many, many elected representatives who are also dirty. They have shown they are willing to destroy the country first before they will let that happen, but we can accept no less.

Before it gets to gunfights and bloodshed, we all have to be prepared to shut it all down, by taking a page from the bicycling community and hitting critical mass, particularly at the various state capitols. If that is not enough, occupy everything. That day is not here, but as I noted in earlier pieces (and if you’ve not read those, I strongly encourage you to go back and read them), we’ve overrun a couple deadlines and the longer it goes on, the worse it potentially gets. Either the GOP or the fence-sitters will be forced to confront the awful truth of what has been allowed to transpire and been defended and it probably won’t be pretty when that happens. Above all, if you don’t want to live in a country run (poorly) by a fascist regime, be prepared to fight.

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