The Coming Storm: The Story Of Bartley

I have a friend…perhaps not quite a friend but beyond friend of a friend, let’s say a slight bit more than casual acquaintance, name of Bartley, for our purposes here anyway. Bartley is one on whom I’ve expended a lot of conversation regarding DT turning the USA into a fascist entity. Partially because, though I’m doing better, I still can’t seem to shut up about it. Any student of history, particularly World War 2, faces a similar problem, undoubtedly. The other part is that I, foolishly and incorrectly, thought that he would at some point say to himself, “if RJ is saying this, there may be something to it” or “why would RJs, this person I know and trust, say that” and thereby bring himself to truth, but no. Bartley is a DT supporter, though he did not vote. Part of his reason was because Hillary Clinton was a “baby killer.”

I’m not going to examine that. The absurdity of that idea speaks for itself, but there I go again, thinking that logic and reason are still in play. It is an utterly outrageous and fantastic idea, that Hillary Clinton is running around with metal tongs forcibly tearing fetuses out of wombs, but supporting the idea that women should be the ones making the choice about their bodies in his mind somehow equates to her actively murdering infants. Preposterous, yet there was a vote lost because of that’s and yes, it speaks to his what I can call charitably lack of imagination to picture that pro-choice could also mean pro-life as equally as it could mean the hard decision to abort a fetus. When I pointed out that under current laws, a rapist could demand parental rights if a woman was forced to have a child by such a violent act and would then have to re-live the crime on a lifelong basis, he thought of his daughter and came somewhat to his senses, but it literally took a shock like that to bring him to it. We can’t expect all unenlightened people to both have daughters and care about them deeply to progress on this issue, of course. Bartley also hates the ACA, maybe not because its nickname is Obamacare, but because it penalizes people for not having health insurance. I objected to this during Obama’s first candidacy and object to it still, but this goes back to the free choice thing, in my book. Having to pay to not have something is odious and dumb…and should definitely be fixed. The rest I have no objections, but it is living legislation and not always a clean process.

Bartley supports the idea of Planned Parenthood to obviate the need for an abortion, but refuses to think anything other than tons of shameless hussy skanks are using PP as a contraceptive, a birth control tactic, which is again unsupported by any facts. He loves, however, the idea of a wall and harbors fantasies of walking along it, patrolling with a rifle because Bartley is at least a casual racist and apparently can’t conceive that Mexicans have working brains and won’t be trying to charge a wall (or border) in the open. He also is strongly implying he would use the rifle to permanently end any chance of said hypothetical Mexicans climbing the wall, but doesn’t somehow see that as an invalidation of his previous pro-life stance. He works hard for what he has and strenuously objects to anyone else being given things, feeling that he had to earn it all, which is only partially true. He had help through social programs so he could go to college and get on his feet. Still, being on welfare and food stamps means to him just milking the system, as in his hard work is funding them through taxes and they make as much as him and/or have a better life while doing nothing but sticking their hand out. It is worth mentioning that he is white and the majority of those beneficiaries or not, but this fact neither impresses nor moves him. Did I mention he was racist?

Still, he’s not an idiot and so I try to remind him of historical precedence every time he says something particularly idiotic, such as “no one knows what’s going to happen.” In this, I don’t go to history but to DT’s odious and toxic Cabinet picks. I ask why, if they were not corrupt, would they oppose an Ethics department? Why would they oppose vetting them? What possible good reason? He is immediately out of his depth and bails out. “I don’t know about any of that because I don’t want the news.” He is relieved the election is over and expects things to return to normal, which is what DT is banking on, but ooops, we don’t have that luxury any longer. I point out that Trump and his family are making money off both the Presidential run and stand to make it off being in White House itself and this is not bothersome. He doesn’t care about any of what I mentioned. The GOP is trying to take away all the benefits to make themselves richer. This will not help anyone not them, including Bartley, but he wants to stay uninformed and remain willfully ignorant, thinking not much will change. “It won’t be as bad as you think,” and here we do get into historical precedence.

The new reality that is coming isn’t really new but a modification of Hitler’s regime and its first victim, as always, is true, but Bartley doesn’t see that because Bartley isn’t paying attention and wants his information in easy to consume sound bites. He doesn’t want to actually have to do anything, see. He wants a country to be nice and stable and robust, but without working for any of it. Like many, he hates politics and politicians and wants to wash his hands of it, which is an attitude that allowed Hitler and now DT, to reach their respective spots. An authoritarian regime will first consolidate power then use and leverage anything, including families, to retain it. He doesn’t want to believe it is happening here and so denies it, apparently feeling repeated denials will be persuasive. They won’t.

The parallels with the Third Reich are pronounced and asking at what point was it too late for Germany is a very valid and pertinent question now. Hitler was Jew-baiting from early on, as DT has done with immigrants and Muslims, in equal measure. Hitler attempted a putsch, which landed him in jail for a stint, wherein he used the time to assemble his awful thoughts into a book. DT did not attempt this so overtly but recruited new manpal Vladimir Putin into the mix to aid, assist, abet and give comfort in addition to what the thoroughly corrupt and compromised GOP was able to offer. Through his pro wrestling circus sideshow brand of fascism, DT energized enough shitbags — I mean deplorables — to lend the appearance of doubt and so when vote totals were off in enough states that mattered, he was able to illegitimately gain entry. DT did one thing very effectively and somewhat continues to do it and that thing was to channel resentment, misplaced or not, realistic and rational or not. The media on down continue to act like business as normal when he has repeatedly demonstrated and continues to demonstrate it is anything but.

This “wait and see” was what sunk Germany. Well before the Russian winter pounded the final nail in, Hitler could have been defeated in any number of ways. The Reichstag staged fire trick could have been revealed for what it was, for starters or Neville Chamberlain could have told Germany to go pound sand and rushed troops in before Hitler was able to bring the munitions, refineries and weapons plants online. In 1934, once Hitler was installed, it began to be too late, however, in the early stages prior to that, he could have been opposed. Once he demanded loyalty to him personally rather than the German Constitution, which became so much toilet paper, en masse riots and protests would have provided a rather large hurdle and stumbling block.

If Ernst Rohm hadn’t have been both drunk and stupid, the Night Of The Long Knives may have gone considerably differently. “The people are happy in the knowledge that the constantly changing leadership has now been replaced by a fixed pole; a force which considers itself the representative of the best blood, and, knowing this, has elevated themselves to the leadership of this Nation and is determined to keep this leadership, to use it to the best advantage and never to relinquish it again.” Any of this sounding familiar yet? This was a speech from Hitler to his Nazi Congress, the text of which appears in a book with other speeches from Hitler and sits at DT’s bedside table.

Two years after Hitler ascended to final power and he was still holding rallies. In 1935, he also stripped citizen rights from a substantial portion of the populace. Shortly thereafter, unchecked, he began his land grab and from that point on, it was far too late. Like DT, events led the impression of validity to his methods and gross commentary and little effort was made to curb him. With DT we see that now in the form of false equivalency and we already see the fear of a fascist regime, with him yet to take office.

Bartley doesn’t believe this can or will happen here but doesn’t know of an actual mechanism to stop him, either. Until it hits him somewhere that it hurts, such as his pocketbook, directly, he probably won’t believe and will not exert any effort to stop DT…until it’s too late. Like many citizens, he enjoys guns and believes DT wants him to have guns. He is wrong there also. DT has just not gotten to having a mechanism to be able to take them away yet. He is getting to that, make no mistake. The Second Amendment is the one he’s most familiar with, but fails to acknowledge that unless it is enforced, it is worthless, as in the case of Nazi Germany. He has forgotten Hitler was voted in and that Germany had a Constitution. All he knows is Germany was bad, yet ask him why and it was because they wanted to take over the world. Like Russia, for instance.

In a backhanded way, he pays a compliment to Malcolm X on the subject of Russian intrusion, giving it mostly a pass because it affected primarily Hillary Clinton. So the means now are relative to the result and the baby killer didn’t get in. Hacking, intrusion into our sovereignty, is an act of war and those who abet it commit acts of treason, but maybe we should be pals with Russia. This also demonstrates a fundamental lack of world knowledge, but he’s disengaged. So, fine, go to the economy, several policies floated by DT, by the way, are parallels to Hitler’s early economic programs.

Say the GOP sinks ACA, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Planned Parenthood. This is going to create a huge dent in the economy which means it’s going to take a powder and the struggle gets worse as less money is spent and jobs get more scarce. We already see indicators of this now and Bartley is starting to get rattled. Now I have his attention. So keep going along that economic track and what happens…a depression. The Dow cuts off daily because it is losing too many points. People get scared and desperate. Putin, clever monkey he is, either waits and does one of two things: watches it collapse, which will also hurt him somewhat OR remembers that a lot of businesses such as Daimler-Benz, Thyssen, Krupp & Volkswagen, all of whom benefited greatly from, among other things, slave labor, during the war. So, war somewhere, probably with China, militarize the economy and go. Sure, the machines are much better now than then, but people can also be employed to do other things to benefit the country, such as guards at detention camps or spying on neighbors and reporting them for “subversive” activities, such as being homosexual…or black…or Muslims.

DT appealing directly to humanity’s base level is not enough. Him being a failure as a husband and father, as a serial sexual assaulter, also not enough. Him being an economic train wreck and bankruptcy machine, also not enough. So what is? I know I’m not the only one throwing this out there, but choosing literally the worst candidate ever to run for President over one of the most eminently qualified, what the fucking fuck? Baby killer is a made-up, pat, excuse, with no semblance in reality. What’s the real reason? Sexism? Racism? Another ism? Those who voted for him made a mistake, but those like Bartley, who continue to support him, need to do some hard, honest inward soul-searching. Everyone likes to think of themselves as a good person, but what you represent and who you choose to represent you has to also be consistent or you’re just another in a long line of self-deluders…and not only will you have led the country to ruin, you will also lead to people’s death, maybe even of your own family. Wake up. Think. And resist.