Writing a persuasive essay is hard, even for a “professional” writer. Drafting one in public, in front of strangers, colleagues, and some of the world’s biggest thinkers is much, much harder. It’s exciting to think that this space could be an arena where anyone can publish real-time drafts and get constructive feedback from other writers who respect and love the form of the well-constructed first-person essay. Where we can iterate ideas and narratives and arguments, and show how a raw thought can evolve into a coherent piece of writing. Here, as writers, we could find a process parallel to iterative design — which the process of writing and editing for publication always was, quite honestly. Only here, the exercise of creating and improving iterative drafts of essays, once only shared intimately between a writer and his or her editor, is on a big and public stage. Looking forward to trying this type of writing (as a process) here. And hopefully to getting feedback in comments, in-line, and near real-time, with others.