My backgrounds — Architecture, Computer Science, and Music Production. I graduated USC around a year ago, and I get to family friends at awkward dinners I graduated with in Bachelor’s in Architecture and a minor in Computer Science. I also get to tell them about how I spent the last year working for starchitect Frank Gehry using my CS & Architecture skills to help realize his complex forms and structures. Add in a passion for music production and you get somebody with the most obnoxiously software-overloaded PC of all time.

What I don’t mention at said gatherings: six years of being in LA was starting to fry my brain, and how much ever I loved it, the slow turnaround time of the Architecture industry was the seasoning to my deep-dish noggin. Throw in a little creative stagnation and you get the perfect recipe for the most stereotypical person-leaving-California decision of all time: “I’m going to New York to be a UX designer.”

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