My trouble with Ronnie O’Sullivan
Ruth McAvinia

Good read. Yes, you’ve got to love and hate him. He’s very unconventional and likes to cause a stir. He easily could have won the 147 break at the Welsh Open this week but passed it up as the prize is ‘too cheap’ He had a good point but comes across very arrogant by doing so.

He is just too good for this kind of prize money and sadly the sport is dying off without sufficient financial backing and viewership. Seats are as cheap as £12 for the opening of the Crucible yet seats lay empty.

I’ve come to the conclusion that he does mean well. He cares for the sport and tries to kick a fuss by doing so though his methods are questionable. His personal issues he has made very public and lose him a lot of credibility. Perhaps he is trying to do some good for the sport but I wonder if his attitude is really helping. He’s amazing to watch; for his snooker skills alone he is the best snooker player ever without a doubt.

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