Your Next Kid-Friendly Staycation Is Here — Novotel Manila

“Are we there yet?”, that’s all I kept saying to daddy, it took us almost two hours amidst bumper to bumper traffic and intermittent rain to make it to Novotel Manila but it’s all worth it. This is the most kid-friendly hotel we have ever visited. Whoever built this hotel probably loves being around kids like me or is a kid at heart. This hotel is perfect for city dwellers like us who want a relaxing weekend by just chilling out by the pool, and it has a few surprises for children of all ages.

view of the tower from the pool area

This hotel is in Quezon City next to the Araneta Coliseum and surrounded by shopping centers like Gateway Mall and SM. Right in front of it is a supermarket and anywhere you look are restaurants and fast food too. One can’t ask for a better location, especially when McDonald’s is right around the corner.

Daddy, being an Accor Plus member, gets priority check-in at this fancy counter. They whisked us away to the 24th floor to process our accommodations since we are staying in a premiere room for 2 nights.

priority check-in counter for Accor Plus members

Before I show you our room, let me show you the rest of the lobby and some of its “kid in mind” features. First of this is an interactive table top — it is loaded with games grouped in age brackets. So no matter how old you are, as long as you are not old old… there’s something for you to play here. It has games like Angry Birds, Tetris and that game where you try to pop as much balloons as you can against an opponent.

me playing Angry Birds
me and my friend Iya playing Balloons Touch

The lobby looks very modern and has plenty of colorful seating space surrounded by funky looking pillows. They even have Mac stations by the business center on one side of the lobby where you can surf the web or send an email to your friend.

Our room was at the 20th floor of this 25 level building. Not that big, but roomy enough for 3 people who loves to cuddle on a big bed — we had a king bed. I asked for a prince bed but mom said there’s no space for it in our room.

a prince occupying a king bed

A plate of fresh fruits welcomed us in, daddy went straight for the kiwi and I ate the apple. There’s a lot of electrical outlets by the desk and my dad told me that the other holes on that gray panel is for showing different video sources on the TV. I don’t really know what that means, sounds cool though.

There’s a colorful futon by the window that is perfect for jumping, well ok, not really for jumping but sitting and enjoying the city view. The room also has a minibar filled with juices, sodas and alcoholic drinks. On top of it is a pod-based espresso machine, a kettle and three sets of cups and saucers and stuff mamas and daddies use to enjoy coffee. And on the topmost tier are nuts and sweet treats, yum.

If you noticed, the bathroom is separated from the bed side by a glass wall. There is a wall blind that goes down at the push of a button that gives you privacy when taking a shower. The bathroom is fitted with modern finishes and mama said she likes that they provide fair trade products, sounds good but I don’t know what that means, so ask your mama to tell you what it means.

Next thing I want to show you is the Premiere Lounge. Only those who book premiere rooms has access to the premiere lounge on the 24th floor. It offers all day refreshments, coffee and tea. They also serve afternoon tea snacks and cocktails at night. This is where we go to fill-up our energy levels. Like other premier lounges we stayed in, they had a big bowl of marshmallows and thats good enough for me! Daddy likes their freshly brewed coffee while mama and I love their iced tea. Here are some photos.

you can even enjoy your food outdoors

Everything I have mentioned above are delightful, but here comes my favorite part. This is the only hotel that we’ve been to so far that has a Children’s Play Room, an actual room not a makeshift one, that has lots of toys, books, dvds and best of all an Xbox.

This is part of the premiere access benefits, so make sure to tell your daddy to book a premiere room to enjoy this awesome feature of the hotel. I very much enjoyed stacking blocks and playing with the toys. As for my dad, well he pretty much hogged the Xbox all to himself. Told ya this place is for kids and kids at heart.

The playroom has ample sitting space for guardians or parents. While waiting for you to finish playing, they can grab one or many of the most coveted coffee table books available. The variety of books covers sports, fashion, photography, travel and they even have the one about Malacanang Palace. Mama even found one about Harry Potter movie locations, I thought, “who is this guy?” because Mama seemed very excited about it.

I was pretty much the only kid staying at the premiere level during our stay. For sure, as more and more mommies and daddies know about this secret hideaway for kids, more and more kids would enjoy this part of the hotel. Hopefully when we come back next time, I get to meet new friends and of course play with them all day.

No classy hotel stay in the Philippines would be complete without delicious food. At Novotel Manila you will find the Food Hall — where enticing food meets colorful interiors.

Well nobody can eat the interiors, so let’s go straight to the food. Enjoy.

Pastry station
bread station
beverage station
fresh fruits and freshly-squeezed fruit juices
waffle and pancake station
smoked fish station
arabic/mediterranean station
salad station
yogurt and grains station
cereal station
pizza station — great place to hang out and wait for a freshly baked pizza
oh, here’s the photo of the pizzas they have
must try — homemade corned beef
Kid Tip: Forget everything, just don’t leave the food hall without trying the homemade corned beef
putobumbong any month of the year
french food station — excuse the photo of unopened pots
cheese and cold cuts

Oh, sorry daddy forgot to take pictures of the bacon, sausage and omelet station. But don’t worry, yes they do serve bacon, otherwise this would have been a failed venture for me too.

I told my mama that I had so much fun at this hotel, she told me we might consider it a yearly thing we can do and daddy said why not.

Yey!!! Super Yey!!!

So that concludes this entry, I hope you enjoyed reading it and looking at the awesome photos we have included. Please watch out for our upcoming entry for our stay at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. Something tells me there’s a lot more swimming that’s going to happen. See you again soon.