Here at Citadel we deal with payroll data. Important data. Private data. When dealing with private data your users need to know that you’re keeping their data safe for as long as you have it in your control. The fact that data is encrypted when it’s stored means you’re keeping data safe at rest, but what about in transmission? When you give users access to their data how do you ensure it stays protected? Here’s some quick tips that we employ here at Citadel with our APIs that we think you can use as well.


It’s a pretty straightforward concept…

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When you offer an employment/income verification product like we do at Citadel one of the important steps in delivering a top tier developer experience is ensuring high quality integration with multiple data sources, in our case payroll providers. There’s multiple ways we can accomplish this and in our opinion data standardization is the way to go.

What is data standardization?

So what is data standardization? By definition it’s the process of converting data to a common format to enable users to process and analyze it. In a normal setup this is a fairly straightforward process. Functions and checks are created to ensure that the…

Another Web Unleashed has come and gone, and I took this year as an opportunity to learn about new things as opposed to just brushing up on what I already know. Let’s explore what I found this year.

web unleashed
web unleashed

The first session I attended was Jason Pamental giving an awesome talk on Variable Fonts. Very insightful session since I had no idea fonts could be so flexible. I figured you just install a font, can adjust it’s weight and that’s it. …

Qlik Core, React and a whole bunch of open source. Read about the fun I had developing an awesome app to go with some cool hardware.

Myself on the super fun SkyTechSport Ski Simulator

Another Qonnections has come and gone, and this year I got to be part of something really fun. Our keynote speaker for the conference was Lindsey Vonn, the US alpine ski racer with 3 olympic medals and 7 world championship medals. …

We need help giving away free tickets to students, veterans and the unemployed for the ForwardJS conference next month.

April 9th-12th ForwardJS is inviting great minds of Javascript to speak in the capital of Canada for the third year in a row. Here’s the scoop on everything you need to know.

What’s Happening?

Here’s a low-down on the lineup. April 9th we’re hosting a Full Day Workshop: Building Your First React App. April 10th and 11th we’ll have two full days of talks including talks on machine learning, test driven development, websockets, javascript performance, setting expectations and so much more. …

Another ForwardJS has come and gone in San Francisco and as usual, I had a blast while I was there. This time around, I was representing Qlik with a sponsored workshop, so it was my first crack at getting Qlik Core into the hands of fresh-faced developers new to the engine — and here’s some things I learned.

An example of data retrieval, presented at ForwardJS San Francisco, January 2019

Don’t make assumptions about what tech your developers may know

Qlik Core is a containerized version of our engine, so we have a Docker image on Docker Hub for it.

I made the silly mistake of assuming that developers would know about Docker and the whole concept of containerization, when half the…

Me at the deCODE Hackathon in Ottawa

“Hey, I saw you do a talk at Ottawa JS. You work for that Queue-Lick company, right?”

This is pretty standard for me in Ottawa and I’m definitely not the only one. Qlik has a ton of great employees working in Kanata but very few people in Ottawa know who Qlik is, what Qlik does or even that it’s pronounced “click.”

We wanted to do something to fix that while connecting the Ottawa developer and designer community AND making the world a better place.

Our solution?

A HACKATHON at our Qlik Ottawa office!!! From Friday, October 19th to Sunday, October…

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Hardly a week goes by where I get to think of how awesome my job is.

The second weekend of April had me back at the Adobe conference room in Ottawa where just a week before, ForwardJS Ottawa bought twenty awesome talks to the Nation’s capital.

This time, it was for Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK), a twice a year hackathon where organizations submit projects in need and participants apply their skills to hack out a solution.

With ForwardJS San Francisco behind me, I turned my sights on bringing Forward home with me to Ottawa for the second year in a row.

Here I am taking ForwardJS Ottawa attendees through Halyard.js.

ForwardJS Ottawa in 2017 was a cool, calm introduction to the Canadian capital. But this year, we wanted to go bigger…and better.

The only way to do that was to pack the conference with great workshops and two days of stellar speakers, and boy did we deliver.

Day 1 saw ForwardJS jump out the gate in full force. With Andy Mockler and Kristin Spencer starting the show schooling us on soft skills, the day was…

February of 2018 saw me leaving the cold winter of Ottawa to bathe in the mild warmth of San Francisco. This wasn’t a vacation. I was tasked with donning the Qlik cap and representing our developer relations team with a talk. With five days full of workshops — I couldn’t just fly in, speak and fly out. I had to take advantage.

Donning my Qlik cap while wear a ForwardJS hat

Day 1 of ForwardJS had me digging into WebAPIs with Aysegul Yonet. A tiny class with fewer than ten attendees meant we could get a lot done quickly and have some hacking fun of our own. While Aysegul…

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