B — The Self-Care Alphabet

B — Bicycling

Use the power of your legs and lungs first, to get where you want to go.
Proper training, safety, and the right equipment are essential, but why not start with small trips to the grocery store, or post office? Eventually, you might re-think your work commute a few days a week.

No time for the gym? Make your commute part of a fitness plan, and bring some play into the morning routine, even if only once or twice a week.

Who wouldn’t want to arrive at work with a body flooded with oxygen and endorphins, instead of the stress hormones, and bumper to bumper frustration?

A client told me that the views along her bike commute from Mill Valley into the City are breathtaking. She enjoys the beauty of our Bay Area, practices self-care, and arrives at the office full of energy and inspiration.

Live music amplifiers, powered by bicycle!
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