10 Signs You’re a Parentographer

Because taking photos of the kids is all there is to it

So you’re a mom or a dad and you take tons of photos of your kids. You’re a parent. You’re a photographer. Yes, you’re a parentographer. Here are 10 signs that will help you realize this is a job combo you’ve unknowingly been doing ever since your first child was born.

Parentographers occasionally capture images worth keeping

Let’s get to it, shall we?

  1. You carry a camera with you everywhere you go. And I’m not just talking about the one that comes with your phone. You actually haul an old-fashioned point-&-shoot or a badass dSLR every time you have to run errands with junior strapped to the car seat.
  2. Your Facebook friends (or the strangers from high school you thought were your friends 20 years ago) feel slightly nauseated at the sight of yet another shot of your little ones at the pool, while potty training, on back-to-school day, etc.
  3. The only photo of your kids missing from your Instagram feed is the one of them covered in their own poop the day you forgot to change their diapers. Wait. Nope. It’s there too.
  4. Your kids disappear the moment they hear you say “wait, this light’s perfect; let me get the camera”.
  5. Everyone in the universe has access to all of your kids’ photos (because you’re that careless on the internet) except your parents who are still trying to figure out how to see the photos you sent as email attachments back in 2001.
  6. It’s always your spouse with the kids in all those photos, and never you; meaning no one else can be trusted with the sacred assignment of documenting your children’s goofy faces.
  7. You go as far as photographing your kids while they’re having stitches taken at the ER.
  8. You wonder what people that have no children take photos of.
  9. You wonder why people that don’t own a camera or a smartphone have children.
  10. And last but not least; you begin to write about your passion for photography, specially about photographing your kids. Yup. Guilty as charged.

There you have it folks; if you see any of these signs in your photo-taking habits it probably means you’re a parentographer. Welcome to the club. You’ve nothing to be ashamed of.

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