The Biggest Plot Hole In Russiagate Is That Nobody Can Even Say What It Is
Caitlin Johnstone

Actually we do know what this is about.

  1. The corrupt democrat elite want to use the CIA and NSA to spy on Trump hoping to dig up dirt, but can’t because it’s illegal.
  2. But they realize that if they can get just one of his top campaign staff to meet with an obvious Russian agent then they can easily get a FISA warrant then have Suasan Rice unmask the identities of Trump and his people.
  3. So, they find such an obvious Russian agent who has been denied a visa but let her into the country anyway. They know her purpose is to lobby against Russian sanctions but don’t really care about that, they just need to have a well-documented Russian agent of influence to make getting a FISA warrant easy.
  4. They don’t even bother to make her register as a principal of a foreign government. After all, that might get in the way.
  5. They they then have one of their paid “consultants” with Fusion GPS dupe Trump Jr into thinking that he’s going to get to meet with someone from Russia who might have some evidence on Hillary regarding her Russian collusion, such as the Uranium One deal. Probably seems convincing given the very well documented Russian connections that Hillary and Podesta have, but neither Jr nor anyone else did their research as to what was going on here. To be fair it may have been impossible, after all he wasn’t in charge of the CIA so couldn’t have known she wasn’t a defector.
  6. He stupidly agrees to meet with her and others based on the recommendation of a political mercenary who’s being paid by the Democrats. She has nothing but probably goes on about sanctions the whole time.
  7. The whole thing seems too insignificant to be worth reporting to the FBI as a possible influence operation so he doesn’t bother especially since he’s not a professional government bureaucrat or former intelligence analyst and, like most people, probably thought this kind of stuff was just wacky nonsense from “conspiracy theorists”.
  8. But the meeting is sufficient to get a FISA warrant and Susan Rice handles the rest.
  9. Even with the FBI/CIA/NSA or whoever wiretapping Trump to the extent that the warrant allows, and who knows if it was limited to that, they still can’t come up with anything to use against him.
  10. Just before the election Obama starts talking about Russia because they know they’ll need this as a cover for their illegal political spy operation.
  11. Once Trump wins it’s “Trump-Russia collusion” 24/7 for months even with no evidence. Now they know they really need the story as a cover because they’re losing control of the FBI and are no longer immune to investigation and prosecution.
  12. Nothing is sticking because it’s all false. They become increasingly more desperate to find some way to convince the public of their fake story.
  13. Finally they play their last card: Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russian agent which they didn’t want to play because at this point it becomes blatantly obvious what their plan was all along. They didn’t want to bring attention to themselves this way but they had no choice for some reason. Perhaps they thought they had enough control over the media that nobody could figure out that the person who set up the meeting in the first place was a Democrat operative, or that the Russian was allowed into the country without a visa and never require to register.

The fact that even with this setup and illegal unmasking of surveillance they still couldn’t win the election, and still can’t convince 90% of the public of their story should be more than enough to establish the whole “Trump-Russia collusion” conspiracy theory as false.

The fact that they still won’t give up on it should be enough to establish that several people know they’re guilty of felonies and will be going to jail so are doing anything no matter how absurd in an effort to avoid jail time.