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It’s not my opinion. It’s the general consensus of experts. You may think I’m being inaccurate, and I can’t force you to believe anything, but you’ll have to take that up with all the health care experts that opposed the AHCA for the very reasons I outlined (and there are a lot of them).

As for subsidies, the premium tax credits ARE the subsidies. They are one in the same. Every time someone is talking about ACA subsidies, they are talking about premium tax credits and only premium tax credits. As for what I mean when I say the AHCA’s are less effective, I mean they would not help people afford insurance, which is exactly what the subsidies are for. Because of inadequate subsidies, more people would be left uninsured than are under the ACA.

As for deductibles, I agree deductibles can be a problem and can make insurance less useful. But the AHCA would make deductibles go up! The AHCA would make premiums go up! This is not my opinion, this is the expert opinion of virtually everyone that has analyzed the bill.

Between your apparent misunderstanding of subsidies and how the AHCA would affect costs, none of the rest of your argument makes much sense, and all of it is contrary to what the vast majority of evidence indicates. I can point you to all the evidence that says you are incorrect, but you’ll just say you don’t believe it. That’s your right, but that’s not a productive conversation for either of us.

I am sorry that you cannot afford insurance right now. I truly am. But the AHCA was not the answer. It may help you, I don’t know. Without knowing the exact details of your specific situation, requiring far more information than you or I would want to discuss, I can’t say for sure. But even if it could help you, it would not help very many other people. Your situation is just not as common as you think it is. It would hurt far, far more people. The ratio is not even close. Again, this is not my opinion, this is the general consensus of experts and virtually everyone that has analyzed this bill.

The bottom line is there are other ways to help you and the people like you without hurting millions of others. I and many people like me want to do so. But that starts with a good faith effort to improve the ACA. The AHCA was never that, and although I know you would like to believe it was, it was never meant to be a plan that made the health care industry better. It was a plan to cut taxes for the wealthy to pave the way for more tax cuts for the wealthy later on. All of the evidence points to this.

You favor a purely free market system, and I think that is an ideologically-defensible position. But it’s one Republicans abandoned long ago because it was not popular. You should take your complaints up with them on ideological grounds, not argue about whether their policy or the ACA would cover more people at a lower per capita cost. The evidence weighs heavily against you on that issue. If you don’t want to believe the evidence, that’s fine, but that’s not something you and I can resolve.

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