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You are confused about premium subsidies. You think there is a distinction between premium subsidies and the AHCA’s tax credits. There is not. They are precisely the same mechanism. That is what the “premium subsidies” in the ACA were: refundable tax credits. They are precisely the same thing, except the ones in the AHCA are not as generous and not tied to local prices, but more people would qualify for them.

As for what you’re concerned about, I get it, but that’s not what you were arguing. You said the AHCA would bring prices down for people, the ACA is collapsing, and that the AHCA would not cause thousands of people to die. You said it was “simply a lie.” But the evidence does not support what you originally argued. Experts and organizations that have analyzed the AHCA do not support what you originally argued. They support what I said.

The AHCA would probably have helped some people who currently don’t qualify for subsidies, but that groups is fairly small to begin with, it would not provide very much help to very many of them, and it would not help in the ways you think (which is largely based on your apparent misunderstanding of what premium subsidies are and how they affect costs for unsubsidized people), at least not according to the vast majority of evidence. Their premiums and deductibles would not magically be restored to the days before the ACA. The only way to do that would be to get rid of pre-existing condition coverage, which the AHCA does not do.

The way it would help them is by giving them a premium subsidy (a refundable tax credit) that they would not qualify for under the ACA because they made too much money. But I’ve already discussed why these subsidies (tax credits) would not provide the kind of help you think they would for most people. And by getting rid of essential health benefits, allowing insurers to charge the elderly more, and many other changes, the AHCA could put health care even further out of reach for many of the people in your situation. It’s not the solution you are looking for.

I understand you favor a free market, deregulatory solution. There is certainly a case to be made for that. But the AHCA is not that kind of bill. It is exactly what the ACA was, but worse.

The arguments you are making either do not apply to the AHCA the way they think you, misunderstand how the ACA works, or are based on ideological beliefs rather than evidence, expert opinion, and analysis.

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