Beware of messing with the internal clock

There is a biological clock hardwired in our body.

Circadian rhythm is any biological process with a periodic cycle of 24 hrs

All species were tied to the movement of sun in the sky, since the dawn of life. But one species has broken this chain and have developed a capability of meddle with this 24 hr cycle.

We have a high blood pressure during the early morning, a need to take a short nap at noon and a heightened attention at dusk before falling asleep after sun down. Though we may be missing to consciously make note of this pattern, our primate cousins haven’t lost it(though they may not be aware of this rhythm).

Here is a monkey actively munching an evening meal before heading to the nest for an “early” sleep. We tend to have extended the sleep initiation cycle till 9pm(which I guess might be attributed to the invention of fire) but the latest tech revolution of the past couple of decades have messed up the collective sleep quality of our species beyond cure.

An improvement in sleep quality with technology might have been beneficial. But the interests of the corporates have superceded the biological necessities.