Story of a seed in sink

One fine morning I stumbled upon this amazing sight

A seed that has got itself trapped in the sink and has germinated.

Some dude just washed his plate and this lucky seed has been sucking nutrients from what we were spitting and washing in this sink. It was fortunate enough to get ample sunlight and break open the shell to sprout into this world. The situation was a perfect Goldilocks condition for it grow.

But the fortune didn’t last long enough. I had a feeling that the germinated seedling is attracting too much attention and might end up being thrown out or cleaned up. I did feel I have to jump into action, but I procrastinated. I postponed my plans of transferring it to safety like to a mud pot or something. And it had its ramifications.

That same evening of the day the seedling was pictured, it got cleared off the spot. I was late. Some guy had cleared it off its spot. A thriving young seedling was killed!

I felt devastated, grieving and discontent towards my actions. I must have acted at the timely manner, but I failed — I failed to heed to my gut feeling, failed to safeguard the weak and needy speck of life.

I reflected upon my poor choice of not acting fast and tried to console myself that I will get another chance to do the rightful. Opportunity comes occasionally and I decided to act upon it at the earliest to avoid any mental self-resentment.

Mankind too have been making bad choices and keeps looking for new chances to act. Hope we have not exhausted our quota of these opportunities that will help our redemption.