Want to Know What You Can Do to Save Humankind? Be a Farmer, Save the World!

Farmers are the solution to saving the world from food shortage, hunger, and many other natural disasters. So become one in order to save our world, but before you start, learn a little about farmers around the world!

As you may know, farmers are the means of production throughout our globe. Without farm workers, we would not have any food products which ultimately leads to mass human extinction. But although we all realize that farm workers are the sole means of production for our food, we also tend to take advantage of these workers throughout our globe as well.

In India, there was an outbreak of farmers committing large amounts of suicide. It was calculated that every 30 minutes, a farmer would commit suicide by eating the pesticides that were given to them in the rural parts of India. It is said that, “In many cases, the surviving family must shoulder the debt, often forcing children to leave school in order to further support the family. Even more reliant on the farm than ever, these young farmers begin buying even more seeds in the hopes of a successful harvest, and become trapped in debt themselves.28 The surviving widow, who often inherits her husband’s debt, may also take their own lives out of similar desperation.” At first, this movement was seen as farmers taking their own lives was due to the fact that they were under too many loans or could not afford to go on (and even seen as a reason for their families to get three thousand United States currency in order to be compensated for the death of their loved one), but this was actually not true.

These farmers did not commit suicide in order to be released from their debts and loans, but instead to protest the underlying fact of their land. The land, soil, and the seeds that the farmers worked with were becoming very genetically modified.

So where it might have been seen as farmers committing suicide in order to get out of loans in debt, the farmers in actuality were leading a protest. By digesting the genetically modified seeds that were given to them, they were almost showing the world that if the human body could not tolerate the poisonous pesticides, then how could the land survive off of this? In a way, it became almost poetic for the farmers to do so.

So what can we do to help out? Become farmers! You do not need to title farmer in order to just grow fruits, vegetables or grains in your backyard.

I am a daughter of a long life of farmers back in India. Both my mother and father come from agricultural backgrounds, as many Punjabi Jatts in India do. I remember visiting India and running around in the fields with my cousins and my sister. We would play out with the cows and fields, tearing sugar canes down and enjoying the sweet taste. I also remember helping my family plant grains, and seeds through different seasons, and even help picking fruits. This was just a part of my childhood experience, and I thought it was one that every child maybe shared. But when I came back from India to California, I realized that this experience I had was not particularly shared among many children, but it was in a different way.

My parents often brought back seeds or other agricultural items, to plant in our backyard. Till this day, we have many vegetables, fruits, and little plants growing in our backyard, and my parents still maintain this ritual as well. But this is also a ritual that I saw commonly with some of my Latino friends as well. Their parents and grandparents also planted many fruits, vegetables, and other items in their yards as well. I believe when you plant your own food, you see what goes in it, and you see how clean it is compared to the many GMO food items in our groceries stores.

The art of farming in your own yard is not just a notion that certain cultures do. My Indian immigrant parents along with my Salvadoran boyfriend’s immigrant parents all continue to season their soil with bountiful plants and eat from what they grow. This is something that is so sacred to do, almost, since many of our food items are tainted with pesticides, so in this way, we can actually see what goes on in our food. We can actually eat something from the ground that will not give us any side effects or diseases that can potentially harm or kill us. This is the beautiful privilege of being a farmer’s daughter.