The golden age of 3D platformers has long since passed on, with only a few straggling titles aiming to fill the void of the classing collect-a-thon exploration games. While Blue Fire is decidedly NOT one of those games, it definitely reminds me of them, if only a little bit.

Blue Fire is Robi Studio’s first game, where you play as a mysterious warrior in the land of Penumbra. You are destined to do….something …

No Man’s Sky has probably one of the most notorious launches for a new game of the last decade. Soaring on hype, the game failed to deliver on almost everything, leaving gamers crushed with buyer’s remorse.

Now, over four years after the initial release of the game (and several large, free updates), is it worth playing after all this time?

Two planets nearly touching each other (Photo credit o0BaBaBoOeY0o on Reddit)

The core gameplay loop for No Man’s Sky is the same as many other survival/exploration-based games in the genre (such as Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, etc). …

After 17 years of work spread across 7 seasons, Adult Swim’s longest running (and arguably, best) shows has been cancelled, as of September 7th 2020.

Jackson Publick breaking the news over Twitter.

The Venture Bros. has always been one of my favorite adult cartoons, I used to stay up late and catch it on Adult Swim as a pre-teen. It’s hilarious takes on old Johnny Quest tropes that evolved into a satirical what-if take on superheroes led to an incredible amount of colorful, memorable characters and moments that I’ll never forget.

The characters within the show helped me understand dynamic characters in a different light. While most…

Dragons in Dungeons and Dragons are an iconic part of the game — they’re literally half the name of the game. Known to be magnificent, intelligent creatures with varying abilities that serve good, evil, or their own purposes.

In the Forgotten Realms, they are the same intelligent creatures they’re known for. In Ebberon they are known to be more god-like creatures and have a greater influence over the realm. The How to Train your Dragon franchise paints them in a more animalistic, yet still intelligent creature with a wide array of species within.

But Sirine’s dragons are…a little different.

Also, they are not Komodo Dragons. But look at this lil’ guy, he’s on a mission. Photo credit to Getty Images.


It’s hard to say there’s a better movie that captures what it’s like to work in a dead-end job that you can’t stand to stay at but can’t afford to quit, quite like Clerks. A movie about Dante and Randal, two employees who work at a convenience store in a small New Jersey town.

Dante (left) and Randall (right), the two protagonists of Clerks.

The movie follows Dante Hicks and Randall Graves, two employees of a convenience store slash video rental store in a small New Jersey town. Dante, frustrated in his dead-end job, becomes torn between his current girlfriend and his soon-to-be-married ex-girlfriend. Opposite to Dante is his best…

I sat down in my bed with some popcorn and Scrubs running in the background, and I whipped out my phone to scroll through Reddit when I cam across this on /r/DnDMemes:

“Change my mind about traumatizing events”

Telling a story with darker themes can be challenging. How do you determine what makes the world “dark”? Taking a similar route to the Witcher series, where the world is explained with horrible monsters and horrible people. Monsters have unique and grim origins such as Botchlings, which are unwanted babies that have been discarded without a proper burial. …

Sirine is a rich world with several cultures, each with their own systems of religion and faith that they spread as their people grow. However, there are beings older and more powerful than any god or goddess within Sirine. The Everlasting, seven aspects of not the world itself, but what it means to be alive and to thrive. They live among the people of their worlds, working in mysterious ways that mortals can never comprehend.

Neil Gaiman’s Endless (Art by Frank Quietly)

I initially wanted to base Sirine’s pantheon around the Endless, immortal aspects from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman (which is my absolute favorite graphic novel and I…

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