Dragons in Dungeons and Dragons are an iconic part of the game — they’re literally half the name of the game. Known to be magnificent, intelligent creatures with varying abilities that serve good, evil, or their own purposes.

In the Forgotten Realms, they are the same intelligent creatures they’re known for. In Ebberon they are known to be more god-like creatures and have a greater influence over the realm. The How to Train your Dragon franchise paints them in a more animalistic, yet still intelligent creature with a wide array of species within.

But Sirine’s dragons are…a little different.

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Also, they are not Komodo Dragons. But look at this lil’ guy, he’s on a mission. Photo credit to Getty Images.

Magic in Sirine is strange, and powerful. Those who can wield magic are rare, and those who can wield it without any side-effects are even moreso. Those who have the talent to use magic tend to find mentors who can help them guide their talents with schools such as the Harr’vard School of Magic, others tend to make do with what they’re offered. Trying to harness the raw magic of the world has severe consequences for the untrained, and the Draconic Curse is the most dangerous outcome.

Bordering between the intelligence of their former forms and the uncontrollable magic pulsating within their bodies, Dragons are some of the rarest — and most dangerous — creatures on Sirine.

Corrupted by magic and driven mad by it, they wreak havoc when they’re disturbed and rarely leave whatever cave or region they’ve settled in. To date, there’s never been a way to reverse this corruption, only brave adventurers who have managed to help them shuffle off their mortal coil.

There are very few documented cases of this actually happening, mainly poorly worded pages from wizards who have attempted (and possibly succeeded) to try to induce it for themselves, or on unwilling magic wielders.

Scholars believe it to be an incredibly hard sequence of events to trigger the curse, and few dare to try it. But some do dare to try it…

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