Life of an Athlete

A glimpse into the life of Rachel Keil

Part 1: The Story of my Life in 100 Words

Born in Mt. Prospect. Then came the news. Great. Now the middle child. Stuck between two boys for the rest of my life. The family was now complete. Mom. Dad. Two brothers. Me.

Moved to Arlington Heights. My new home. Where I will spend my childhood. Met friends. Started school. Learned so much. Loved math. Studied hard.

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Explored. New cultures. New countries. New experiences. Traveled everywhere. Saw everything. Never wanted to go home.

Found My Passion. Countless Hours Training. Nonstop Practice. Pass. Set. Hit. Volleyball. Always in the Gym. Played my first tournament. Success. I knew this was the sport.

Part 2: Graphing My Life

Part 3: Music That Moves Me

A song that moves me is Stronger by Kelly Clarkson because it is very inspirational. It is inspirational because it shows that you might not always do everything right the first time, but the more you try, the stronger it makes you.

Part 4: Snapshot of a Moment-9:00 p.m. on Tuesday night, August 21, 2018

Working on my homework and studying

Part 5: My Video-A Typical Moment

Practicing Volleyball

Part 6: Famous People I Admire

Photo Credit: Social News Daily

J.K. Rowling is an inspiring author. She wrote the Harry Potter Series. She taught me to never give up, because she was going through tough times when she was trying to get her books published, and she persevered through these times, and was able to publish an amazing book series.

Photo Credit: Washington Post

Rosa Parks is another inspiring famous person to me because she had the courage to stand up for what she believed in even though she knew it would have consequences, and her doing this helped put an end to racism.

Photo Credit: Biography

Barack Obama was the 44th US president, and also the first African American president. Despite what others thought and said to him, he had the mindset of becoming president, and he completed this, showing our nation that anybody can be president no matter their race.

Part 7: A Quote to Live By

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” -Maria Robinson

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