I decided to start living a more intentional and productive life as I don’t want to face any sort of mid-life crisis and I want to be happier carrying out my passion for technology throughout life.

I’ve been interested in deep learning recently and decided to enroll myself into a Udemy course so I can expand on my knowledge and learn from some experts through the internet.

Hands down this is the best decision I’ve made in 2019 so far! …

I was re-watching one of my favourite movies the other day, I-Robot, where an apocalypse arises in which humans are versing a smarter, stronger army of robots. I began to question if such a phenomenon could ever exist and began to google…

“Can artificial intelligence take over? Will robots replace my dream job? How can we control the development of AI?”

… and expectedly I got re-assuring answers about how AI will not take over but unexpectedly can replace many high prestige jobs.

I continued to do my research, completely forgot about the movie, and stumbled across some recent news…

Manpreet Shergill

Machine Learning Developer

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