CNA #5

Trump signals expansion of deportations, says no unauthorized immigrant group exempt

The Department of Homeland Security has recently hired more than 15,000 new employees. The DHS will continue to focus on deporting criminal aliens who present a risk to the public. They will also deport immigrants who have broken the law in any way.

President Trump visits African American History Museum

On Tuesday president Trump visited the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. Trump went on this trip with Ben Carson who is the nominee for secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. After the tour, Trump quoted Martin Luther King Jr. by stressing the importance of unity.

Thousands gather for Not My President Day protests

Instead of celebrating Presidents Day, many people from all over the country decided to rally against Trump by calling it “Not My President Day”. For instance, in New York City many people gathered in front of Trump International Hotel. Other cities that protested included Chicago and Los Angeles.

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