Tom Wolf

Pennsylvania Governor (D)

  1. Tom Wolf is the Governor of Pennsylvania.
  2. Wolf was born on November 17, 1948.
  3. Wolf grew up in a small town in York County in Pennsylvania.
  4. He has lived in the same house for his entire life.
  5. Wolf attended Dartmouth College but left to join the Peace Corps for two years.
  6. After he served for two years, he went back to college and finished his undergraduate degree.
  7. Wolf went on to earn two graduate degrees. One from the University of London and another from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  8. He worked as a forklift operator for his family business called Wolf Organization.
  9. Wolf’s first full time job was running a Tru-Value hardware store in Manchester, Pennsylvania.
  10. Wolf then bought the fmaily business and grew Wolf Organization with two of his cousins over about 25 years.
  11. Wolf became the secretary of revenue in Governor Ed Rendell’s cabinet in 2007.
  12. From Aprl 2007 until Noveber 2008 Wolf served as the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.
  13. Then in 2009 his family company, The Wolf Organization was getting close to bankruptcy so he left the cabinet.
  14. Wolf completely changed the company and brought it back to earning money by making smart investments.
  15. Wolf became Pennsylvania’s 47th governor on January 20, 2015.
  16. He is focused on creating jobs that pay, schools that teach, and a government that works.
  17. Wolf launched “It’s On Us PA” campaign where the goal is to spread awareness of sexual assault in schools and colleges.
  18. He made this announcement at Elizabethtown College.
  19. Wolf announced on February 24, 2016 that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  20. Thankfully, it was an early diagnosis so Wolf stated that it would not affect his capability to continue governing Pennsylvania.
  21. Wolf is likely to run again in the 2018 election for governor.
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