and how I’m moving to new workspaces structure.


For a very long time, I was following a directory structure very similar to what many others do: there was a directly projects in my home directory, that contained a list of all projects I was or am working. Some projects weren’t trivial and contained multiple modules, but the structure of projects directly was very simple. Project by itself would hold the source code project inside.

However, the further I go with project, the more issue I have with this structuring approach:

Everyone heard that programming is very similar to writing books. “It has many similar traits” programmers think. There is even a thing called “Literate programming” introduced by famous Donald Knuth.

But, are there really much similarities between those two activities? Well, except that both require starring at screen and typing a lot of text.

One of my goals for 2017 is to improve at writing texts. I found that there is an increasing need for me to write good texts both at work and for personal needs (like this blog). At the same time, writing is not something that goes…

I believe in simplicity. It means I think things should be simple to work with. It doesn’t mean that it always should be simple inside. It could be complex, sometimes very complex. At the same time, I distinguish two types of complexity:

  1. complexity caused by mess within components itself and messy relationships between them

First one means product could be implemented in a very smart way, built on large number of implicit assumptions, often non-obvious.

Second one means product’s complexity is exaggerated by very confusing, illogical and messed up relationships between…

Structured logging is an approach to logging where information is written in a structured form, that later could be read and parsed by machine with minimum efforts. In many cases, it means that immediate readability of the log is reduced, but with a bit of efforts it could have an opposite effect (we’ll see it a bit later).

Such different Structured Logging

This structure can be anything: from comma separate list of values to complex JSON/XML documents.

Structured logging’s another important difference is focusing on logging larger number of information in batches.

For example, you have an application that reads data and passes those…

I always return from my vacation in Ukraine with a few new books to read. There are many good book publishers nowadays, who provide a continuous stream of interesting books on Ukrainian language.

This time, among the books I’ve picked, there was one special. Not only it stood up on front of the others with an orange cover, but it also was about technological companies founded and now working in Ukraine.

Book name is “Стартап на мільйон. Як українці заробляють статки на технологіях”, which can be translated as “Startup for a million. How Ukrainians earn capital with technologies”.


It is…

Mind maps is a visual way to structure information in a tree like structure. Such maps are convenient way for structuring knowledge, ideas, plans and tasks.

Usually, mind map starts with a root node, which has references to child nodes. References do not have names, but color can be use to code specific subjects. Each node, except root, has a parent node. Child represents some information specific to its parent node. This helps to build a tree of information, that can be easily consumed by human.

I am a big fan of visualization. Good visualization represents complicated things in a…

Ruslan Khmelyuk

Love to think, code and listen a good music. Make the bits and bytes to dance as I wish.

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