Drifting. Why we need a Slow Web.
Tariq KRIM

Couldn’t agree more. We are advancing in technological endeavor quite fast, and most of it is being used to build and commercialize products, in a way that hampers human interaction with the society. A good number of upcoming startups are trying their best to make sure we don’t have to get out of our house, everything we need is provided at our doorstep, which really takes out the human element in daily life. The idea that I can order a sumptuous meal for dinner without having to talk to anyone or see anyone is not something to take pride in and is not really what technology should be put use to.

I feel as we are getting equipped with new technologies, we should be imparted with the knowledge on how to put it to use, what real problems it can be used to solve, and how not to create another hurdle in the way we should be communicating with each other.

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