I love Cleveland! There is no other place I would rather live. I am not just saying this because the Cavs won the NBA championship or because the Indians are about to win the World Series as I type this.

Then why would I say this? What else does Cleveland have?

We have one of the top four hospitals in the nation. We have the West Side Market. We have Little Italy. We have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We have the Cleveland Orchestra. We have the Cleveland Art Museum. We have beaches. We have all four seasons.

Most importantly, we have the people. We all come together as one in times of greatness and in times of sadness and need. We came together for the NBA Championship. We came together for the Orlando nightclub shooting. Whatever it is, we can all count on each other and come together for the city.

Cleveland is amazing and I hope everyone can see what is so great about this incredible city.