Fake News

We see news everywhere. Everyday we are seeing news on our phones, the TV, the internet, social media, and so on. Some of the things we read are just unbelievable!!!

No, really… we shouldn't believe all of the news we read or hear about.

Have you ever thought that maybe not everything we read is true? Its called fake news. People make millions developing headlines for fake news articles that will get people to click on it.

If you are a creator of fake news, good for you! Enjoy your money. If you are a reader of fake news, that's unfortunate.

If you are responsible enough to own a TV or smartphone, you should be responsible enough to know what you are reading. Make sure that you are reading from a creatable source.

To be honest, if I was getting paid to write fake news articles, trust me, I would do it! The creator should not be responsible for what we are reading. We should!

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