Letter to Peace

Dear Peace,

Where are you Peace? I can’t find you. I know I’m not the only one looking for you. I am actually one of the people that probably needs you the least right now. People are dying and starving on the streets and you just laugh and walk on by. People work three jobs just to take care of their little boy who is sick with cancer and can’t help him. I don’t really know why you are so hard to find.

I just wish everyone had you. I wish you could share yourself with everyone. If I had you, my brother would be home right now sleeping in his bed. My parents would not be stressing out about him being alive because he is overseas in the military and hasn’t called home in a few weeks. Everyone is rushing around this time of year and forget sometimes to show their friends and family their love.

I just beg you to show some mercy and be with the people who need you the most especially during this holiday season. Be with the people that can not be with their families or don’t even have a family to be with. Be with these people who need you the most.

 Ryan Killeen

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