‘Let’s get connected’ —App for isolated students

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Concept: Self-Negotiated (Individual)
Skills: Research, Branding, Wireframing, User Flows, User Testing Prototyping Duration: February — April 2019
Tools: Sketch, Overflow, Adobe XD, Zeplin
Honours: Finalist — Highly Commended by Creative ConScience UK

Uniti App is a project with the objective to reduce the impact of loneliness on the mental health of students.

The aim was to empathise with students and to understand their needs by doing online survey, personas and user journey maps.

The Uniti app allows students to get connected with others even before joining the university, to learn each-other beforehand.

Another design aim is a solution for isolated students to share their feelings anonymously with trained staff and peers without a feeling of being judged by others.

The Problem

According to research, over 9 million people (almost a 5th of the population)…

Learn how to conduct this research method and what tools you need.

When I started to learn about usability testing, I had no idea what it means and how I am going to do it. ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣I have prepared this post from my learning and practical experience. and I hope this post can be helpful for you to understand what usability testing means and how you can work on this research method. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣Usability testing is one of the most often used approaches in user experience research. And I one of the most important part of any product…

User Experience, also known as UX is a concept that designates the feelings a person has in using a particular product, service or system.

User Experience is a fairly comprehensive area within the design universe. In the end, products are designed to be used by someone — the user — who will have an experience when interacting with the product, interface or system.

Hardly in a project will there be a single person responsible for the user experience. In addition to the subjective factors that influence the experience (the user’s demographic profile, cultural background, emotional state), there are several aspects…

The impact of how the websites have to be ‘responsive’ with regards to the usage on mobiles, it is important to understand certain concepts such as responsive website, native apps, hybrid apps, and the difference between both the designs along with their impact on user experience. But in this article, I am going to discuss mainly on responsive websites.

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The current advancement of technology, the popularisation of mobile devices and the access to the Internet has made it possible to carry out various activities, from access to the electronic commerce to the use of banking services or making purchases through…

R. Kiran Khan

UI / UX & Visual Designer | Masters of Science in UX Design | BA Honours in Graphic Design https://rkirankhan.com

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