Places to Jollify These Days in Varanasi

Whenever talking about the religious places in India, Varanasi keeps the top position in those destinations. The millions of pilgrims visit here per year and enjoy the pleasure of the gorge places. Besides of religious destinations, it has many historical and other places for pleasure purposes that make it glorious. It offers the full entertainer views while visit alone or with your family. On its Ghats, Temples, Parks and other historical monuments, you can fully jollify.

While visiting here, Varanasi provides all the sources of travelling which make the travel easy and enjoy. Whether it’s railways, airways or car rentals in Varanasi, all helps the visitors to jollify on the city’s destinations. The Varanasi airport is the major source for the foreign visitors which help them for easily arrive. While visiting here, there are some major places to jollify the city: -


In this religious city, Sarnath is the major attraction for the visitors from Japan, China, Tibet and Sri Lanka. It is known for the Lord Buddha who preached his first ceremony here to his five pupils. Therefore, the followers of the Lord Buddha as more as the people who love Buddha, visit here in large number each year. It has the distance of 9 km from Varanasi railway station and 22 km from the Varanasi airport from where you can rent a car.

New Vishwanath Temple-

It is also known as the Birla Temple and Vishwanath Mandir and situated in the Benares Hindu University. New Vishwanath Temple has the tallest temple tower in the world and dedicated to lord Shiva. The distance from the airport is 31 km via NH 31 and from railways 11 km. The taxi for airport transfer and railways transfer make the city visit easily.

Ramnagar Fort-

For the historical visit, Ramnagar fort maybe one of the best places. It offers the views for the historical&architectural and avails the glorious beauty of the city. On the eastern bank of Ganga river, it is built of the sandstones in the Mughal style. And the emperor Balwant Singh built it in 1750. It has the gorge of the structural beauty and situated at the distance of approximately 14 km from railway station and 34 km from Varanasi airport.

The Golden Temple in Varanasi-

This temple is the major attraction while visiting through the Ghats of Varanasi. It has the huge attraction of pilgrims who visit for the Ghats views. It is also known as the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and in the evening, it has the major attraction for the Aarati views. The thousands of the pilgrims visit in the evening and enjoy the Aarati of the Ganga Maa. The Golden Temple is at the distance of 8 km from railways and 18 km from the airport of Varanasi. To visit here, you can hire a car in Varanasi for pickup & drop.

Famous Ghats of Ganga River-

Besides of the destinations, there are many other Ghats & Temples that become the reason of attraction. There are the Ghats such like Dashashwamedh Ghat, Tulasi Ghat, Harishchand Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Gay Ghat and many others. Ans same like many other temples like Durga Temple, Bharat Mata Temple, Tulasi Manas Temple and Hanuman Temple are the other major temples that increasing the beauty of the city.

Originally published at on September 1, 2016.