Why I’m Excited About the Future of Work

I’ve been with Robin for over a year now, and it wasn’t until I joined that I started to actually care about how I work.

Robin is scheduling and analytics for your office, software-based, and has helped companies like Netflix, Sonos and more understand how and where their employees do their best work — from the amenities to the furniture, space types, and more.

And the numbers are starting to prove why this matters. According to a report by GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com, employees are not at their desks nearly 60% of the time. Not only are they not at their desks, but they’re meeting for half the time, and with a quarter of the people they used to (30 min, four people on average). Meetings are happening on bean bags, in huddle rooms, in the kitchen — the 8-person, rectangular conference room is having little say these days, and offices are adapting to embrace the change.

What we thought the future would look like

Atos Ascent

What it actually looks like

Herman Miller Living Office

What employees want

Employees want flexibility. They want to be supported to do their best work, wherever that is in the office. Last week I wrote for two hours on a couch. Before that, I built some marketing campaigns on a stool in the kitchen. The “where” shouldn’t matter.

Other important parts to the office:

  • Sit to stand desks
  • Amenities and workplace perks
  • Inspiring design and branding
  • Plenty of places to collaborate
  • A culture that promotes your best work

Where the workplace is heading, based on what we want

You can read tons of workplace reports and industry news about how the the future will be a “connected office” but I’m not so bullish on that. I believe the future of work will focus on eliminating all aspects of employee anxiety.

Do you have a guest visiting the office? Need a conference room for four people with an Apple TV? Need to book a desk to get some work done? Want to walk into a room and the room knows it’s you? And load your Zoom meeting?

Every aspect of the office, from the “how” we work to “where” we do it, will soon be a seamless workflow. Will it change? Of course it will. But we can see where it’s heading, we’re not introducing things like VR into the workplace. Listen to your employees, see how they do their best work, and understand what needs to change in your office — it’s all right in front of you.

That’s why I’m excited about the future of work.

We’re building the future of work at Robin. Head over to our site to learn more.