My New Year’s Eve with Google Assistant

Spending most of my time reading about new gadgets and technology related products such as a Smart Mug to help me monitor my caffeine intake to a Robot Vacuum Cleaner to help me get away with my weekend cleaning episodes, I realised that there is no limitation of how technology can be used to make our lives better and more comfortable.

Recently, I had taken up a role as a marketeer in a super cool project called Indorse. This new role had gotten me into a new path of learning. Now being part of this cool project, required me to learn more about the problems developers face and how I can help developers without a formal education to put forward their coding skills and find a job.

Here’s a short introduction about Indorse and what we’re doing to put forward people’s skills!

Indorse is a Skills Validation Platform designed for programmers to have their coding skills evaluated in an objective manner.

This is how his/her journey looks like on the Indorse platform: a programmer makes a claim by selecting a programming language and a proficiency level (e.g. Javascript — Intermediate.). The programmer will also have the option of submitting his repo (GitHub) or completing an assignment.

Once submitted, a panel of expert developers will evaluate his/her coding skills based on the code he/she shared. The expert developers can either indorse/validate or flag/reject his/her claim of possessing the specific coding skill in question.

Similarly, companies can also create a profile and have all their tech candidates evaluated. At the end of the evaluation, companies receive a 360-degree report on each candidate with insights on his/her coding skills, code quality, design knowledge, etc..

At Indorse, one of my main objectives is to help programmers with no formal background to bring forward their coding skills and find the right job. Being relatively new to this environment of programming, I always have a ton of questions. The new year’s eve was no exception, however, this time I came up with a question for my Google Assistant:

“Hey Google, which programming languages are in demand?”
Ans: Java, Javascript, HTML and Python are the most in demand programming languages.

A spot on one liner! Although I had been using Google Assistant for over a year now, I had always thought of it as a personal assistant for booking ticket to a movie, making a reservation at a restaurant, or my personal weatherman or newsreader.

Since we search the internet for information, and get a ton of results, this type of technology can help us as a filter and provide us with the most relevant information.

Keeping that in mind, I decided to test Google Assistant by asking some coding related questions; this is what I got in return:

Q: How do you swap two integers without using a temporary variable?

A: Here’s an article from the website GeeksforGeeks

Q: How do you find the middle element of a singly linked list in one pass?

A: Here’s a Video from YouTube which might be of help!

However when I searched the web, this article came up in the top results instead of the video.

Now looking carefully at this scenario, both results were informative but the YouTube video was more helpful for me to understand the solution.

This is how Google Assistant differs when compared with a manual web search. Google Assistant automatically provides the best results whereas a manual search requires a user to manually go through multiple search results to get the desired information.

Here are more questions and the answers provided by my Google Assistant:

Q. How do you find the sum of two linked lists using Stack?


Q. How do you print duplicate characters from a string?


Q: How is a bubble sort algorithm implemented?


Besides questions relating to coding, here are 4 awesome things Google Assistant can help you with:

Setup a Morning Routine

Now all you have to do is say “Hey Google, Good Morning” and get the weather, best route to work, top news and get it to play your favourite music or online radio channel. The best thing is that you can configure it to suit your preference.

Location Based Reminders

Setting alarms and reminders are quite basic with Google Assistant. But did you know that you can set reminders based on your location? For example, tell Google Assistant “Remind me to call Constantin when I leave work”.

Search Emails

You can also look for an email with Google Assistant. For example, you can ask Google Assistant to “Find Important Document in the subject line or even find emails from contacts in your phone.”

Make Reservations

Google Assistant, powered by an AI system called Duplex, makes a reservation for you by interacting with humans on the phone. So let’s say you want to make a dinner reservation in a restaurant, Google Assistant can help you make a phone call and interact with the restaurant personnel on your behalf. If you have not already heard about this, then this new feature was announced by CEO Sundar Pichai at the I/O 2018.

Any other questions or awesome things to ask Google Assistant? Please share in the comments below!

Indorse is a Skill Validation Platform designed for developers. We believe that the solution for an effective and modern recruitment process is a mixture of Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence. Unlike other platforms, where a user can claim any skill and add it to his/her professional profile, Indorse ensures that the skills are assessed and validated by AI chatbots and expert developers.

By using the Indorse platform, you won’t need to spend several man-hours to sieve through the barrage of resumes. Spot the right developer by simply using Indorse. And for a free trial, drop us a mail at!