Anxiety and Depression: Everything you should know

Considered as two of the most common mental health disorders, anxiety and depression have been widely affecting innumerable people everywhere. While there is some difference between the two, the people suffering from anxiety are on the verge of getting depressed and the person dealing with depression often faces anxiety issues as well. Before anything else, let us first understand what anxiety and depression individually mean and stand for.

1. What is Anxiety Disorder

It is a mental disorder in which a person suffers from the feeling of fear and anxiety. They worry about everything that happens around them or might happen in the future. Although it is quite normal and most of the people panic at some times, it is a sign of disorder and needs anxiety attacks treatment in San Antonio when the frequency of such anxiety attacks and panics increase.

There are different types of anxiety disorders and it is also possible for a person to have more than one type of anxiety disorder.

2. What is Depression

Being one of the most serious mental health disorders, millions of people all over the world suffer from depression. Figuratively, around 1 in every 10 people is suffering from depression.

The medical term used for depression is “clinical depression” It can be defined as, “a major depressive disorder which typically can range from being mild in some people to severe in others.”

A person who is depressed is often sad, lost and feels a shallowness in their life. While there are many types of depression, it is important to identify the type and level of depression before beginning the Depression treatment in Texas.

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