Lesson Learned From Reddit

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ecently, I posted an article named ‘How To Protect Your WSL Distro More Firmly.’ The original title was ‘Do Not Install Your WSL Distro From Microsoft Store.’


The intended message of the article was simple; Manual installation would be right for you if you suffered from the store version of WSL distro before.

But I was wrong with some aspects.

  • I assumed that he ore she quite often mistakes to remove their WSL distro installation by clicking uninstall menu; They are not careless like that.
  • The title was controversial. No one can force to install manually. Also, this title can mislead that Microsoft Store is problematic.

Yes. These are my mistakes, and I reflect on myself. So I rewrote the title and modified some paragraphs in the article. If anyone annoyed with my initial article, I’m sorry about that. My apologies.

But, on the other hand, it’s too bad that harsh feedback from a Reddit user. He said that my article has stupid logic, and my writing is garbage.

Yeah. It can be. But I can modify or rewrite the part which can be controversial. I will accept the feedback willingly, and I will never ignore it. But the feedback was harsh. Maybe that user assumed I would never correct the article. So I’m discouraged about it. 😢

I hope that everyone can be more gentle in feedback.

This time, I learned a lot of things. Thanks for everyone’s feedback. 😊

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Works at DEVSISTERS, Corp., Microsoft MVP since 2009, Living in S.Korea.

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