Sweet Sixteen: Quarantine Edition!

My sixteenth birthday was on June 9th, and let me just say it was definitely a blast. Even though I wanted to go full out for this birthday, my birthday in quarantine was amazing! Here’s a quick blog about what I did on my birthday.

I started off the day, as usual, waking up early for school. I looked out my window, and the biggest birthday sign was on my front lawn! The sign was full of color and glitter, and read “Happy Sweet Sixteen Richa!”. It was quite a surprise.

As I went on with my day, my Dad picked up Thai food for lunch (which is my favorite cuisine). I didn’t have Thai food for almost two months, so I was incredibly excited to have some! Additionally, my Dad bought me a huge birthday balloon!

When the day progressed into the evening, I got ready in my birthday outfit to take some photos. My friends drove by in their cars to wish me! I thought that was so sweet of them to organize something for me. After the drive-by, my parents invited my friends to stay for dinner. It was nice seeing my friends, in person, after so long (we were social distancing!). Our dinner was another one of my favorites, Chik-fil-A!.

The best part of my birthday “party” was probably the ginormous cake we ordered. It was the first time I had a cake customized for me, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. The outside was decorated with red and gold sweets, while the cake itself was red velvet and chocolate. It was delicious! The cake was made by FancyCakesNJ.

At the end of the day, I was so grateful that my parents went through so much trouble to make sure my birthday was good. I was also very grateful that my friends came over and celebrated with me. I will always remember this birthday!!




always in need of a vacation

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Richa K.

Richa K.

always in need of a vacation

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