6 Tips to Reducing Holiday Stress

Rose Kumar M.D.
Nov 15, 2016 · 2 min read

With holidays fast approaching, stress is looming out there in the ethers, soon to become the number one cause of visits to doctors offices.

I have some suggestions to deal with stre this holiday season:

1. Make sure 15 to 20 min of exercise per day is a priority. It is the BEST way to release stress and promote a good nights sleep.

2. Avoid sugar. When I receive junk sweets for the holidays at Ommani, they promptly go into the garbage. Neither me or my staff needs to put this in our bodies. The Holidays are a stressful time for The Ommani Center as patients are stressed and the volume of calls and office visits increases so my staff and I take extra special care to eat anti-oxidant rich foods and avoid sugar.

3. Eat LOTs and LOTs of plants. Plant protein helps the body repair damage from carcinogens. It has a profound mechanism to turn off harmful genes. Animal protein does the opposite. With holidays centered around animal based dishes, the carcinogen load increases during this time of year. In our family, we have been having a vegan Thanksgiving and Christmas for years. I make a vegan lasagna loaded with vegetables which is creamy and very tasty. I will publish the recipe in the next Ommani Jewel. Sign up for it and you will get in in your inbox!

4. Add maca powder to your green smoothies this season as well as take ashwagandha for additional adrenal support. The best organic brand I have found is by True Botanica called Recovery Tonic. I have used it for years and it works very well.

5. Take a few minutes every day to breathe deeply from your abdomen. Even 5 minutes a day makes a big difference in your body’s biochemistry and stress response. It neutralizes the effects of stress hormones and calms your mind.

6. Remember to pay attention to each moment as best you can. The holidays are about love and community. Revisit the real intent of this season and try to let go of the commercial nightmare they have become. Make your gifts for each other rather than buying things that end up in a land fill or good will. An infused oil, vinegar, an organic wholesome dish to share, a plant or a herbal bundle are some gifts that people truly appreciate. You can also volunteer at a soup kitchen or help a good cause on behalf of your friends and loved ones. A good book is another idea that raises consciousness rather than adds to clutter.

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