How to be happier, in a nutshell

This reflection will be brief. Being happier doesn`t have to be difficult nor to have a long explanation. In a few words, to be happier in your life you just need to do 1 thing and is something that you can do at any time, all days, 1 day a week, 1 day a month or just when you need it or want it. To be happier in your life you just need to:

“Be conscious of yourself, in the present time”.

Stop thinking about the past, because this is already gone. Take all the important lessons and everything that makes you feel good, but you must let it go anyway. Stop thinking about the future, even if they are positive thoughts, they can distract you from the present. The future is just that, something that could happen but not entirely sure. Be conscious of who you are today, in the present time. Think about all the skills that you have developed through the years. Start with the most basic skills like feeling, breathing, hearing, smelling, etc. Continue doing that until you get to the most advanced skills developed by you, for sure with a lot of effort, like walking, reading, speaking a different language, using a computer, etc. Try to identify as many skills as you can. Be conscious of how lucky you are to have all these skills and think of them as super-powers because they are super-powers. Regularly, we stop giving value to the things we do day by day just because we can do them without thinking.

Finally, breathe deeply, as many times as you want. Feel the air flowing in and out of your nose.

Feel proud of who you are, of all the superpowers you have developed so far, and remember that only you have traveled that road.

Be happier. You deserve it.

Rolando Kunz F.