Product Market Fit (PMF) is a fascinating topic. It’s the single biggest reason why companies succeed or fail. This is obvious, yet Product Market Fit remains elusive. Fortunately, a lot of smart people have been thinking about this and publishing great content on finding Product Market Fit. I’ve collected and summarized some of their ideas as an inspiration to keep getting back to when looking to build my own product one day.

Brian Balfour on Market, Product, Channel and Model

In a talk at SaaSFest, Brian Balfour warns SaaS companies to focus too much on Product Market Fit. …

Other than top brands, what are popular search queries - and how many unique high-volume searches exist?

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Phiture is an App Store Optimization agency and Mobile Growth Consultancy that helps large international brands with their ASO strategy.

App store search is very important for app discovery:

But what exactly do users type into the App Store and Play Store search box to discover their apps? …

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Before 2018 kicks into full gear, here are our most popular posts from 2017:

10) ’What analyzing 3,300 Feature Graphics has taught us about Google Play Store ASOby Pablo Penny
The Feature Graphic is the most important visual ASO asset on the Google Play Store, along with app icons. In this post, Pablo Penny of Phiture analyzes and compares 3000+ of top developers’ Feature Graphics.

9) ’How to combine SEO and ASO techniques to supercharge your Keyword Research’ by Gabor Papp
In this guest post, Gabor Papp shows how to combine tactics from classical SEO + competitor based keyword research + ASO to take keyword research to a new level. …


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