How to play:
Sir Garnet

2 min readSep 3, 2022


Each player receives five cards, dealt in a round of three at a time, then a round of two at a time, or first two and then three. An extra hand of five cards is dealt to the right of the dealer’s location.

Instead of making the usual bid, each player in turn to the left may pick up the extra hand and place it with the five cards that they originally had. From these ten cards, the player picks out any five and discards the others without revealing them. The player is then obliged to bid “Nap” (a bid of all five tricks is called “Nap”), but if they fail to make the bid, that player must pay double the normal penalty.

The highest bidder indicates the trump suit by making the opening lead, which must be a trump. Other players must follow suit if possible. A player who cannot follow suit may trump or discard at will. A trick is won by the highest card played of the suit led, or, if it contains a trump, by the highest trump. The winner of a trick leads next.

There is no credit for extra 해외문자 tricks won either by the bidder or by the opponents beyond what was needed to make or defeat the bid. If the bidder makes the bid, they collect from all the other players. If the bidder is defeated, they pay every player.

The usual way of settling scores is to distribute an equal number of chips to all players before the game and then settle in chips after each deal.